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  My guess is that most of these are basically bullshit. How hard is it to get a hold of a uniform and put some propaganda out there?
I'm becoming a buzzfeed addict.      The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To Obama’s Plans To Bomb Syria  
I know the media wasn't paying attention but the tea party started under Bush with the creation of the homeland security. So a lot of people "on the right" are motivated by principle and not the color of the president's skin.
On the eve of unilateral action in violation of international law ... how's that hopey changey stuff working out for ya?
Pretty much.
All these fixed infrastructure ideas fail at the first and last mile. Trains, busses and the like only run on their schedule not yours. These solutions might see a resurgence if they can run on request and the self driving car can solve the first/last mile problem. 
This is nutty on the level of the birthers and the truthers.
He already pulled out once and now he blew it prematurely going to sloppy seconds.
Yea they should change the law that had nothing to do with this case. 'cause that will fix it for next time.
Bedford and Fulton
New Posts  All Forums: