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Maybe we should go the other way. Test everyone and those that are positive for MAO-A are put into ... let's call them ... therapy centers until a cure can be found. 
  And some would have us think that the IRS should be filling out our tax forms for us too.
  You make some good points there. Thank you for your cogent arguments.
  Yea, no. My kids go to a an "Open" school organized under the local public school system. Anyone with half a brain can find it via google. I proudly state with no quantitative data that we have the largest percentage of students that actually do their own science fair projects. My 5 year old worked out a plausible hypothesis based on what she wanted to do anyway.  I just couldn't get her to actual make the poster.
Might I also suggest that with so many racist to defend against those black men would have need for a high capacity magazine. One that the Democrats would deny them. 
    U of Michigan? I hear they have some good faculty there. I run the science fair at my kids' school and one kid made a cloud chamber. He had a QR code that linked to a You Tube video of an event. Damn good. 
As lead sponsor in House on gun legislation, Rep. Diana DeGette appears to not understand how they work           These are the people passing the laws?
Wait WTF am I reading? NYT? Paid ad? OH! Unsolicited op-ed. For NYT readers republican == ignore at all costs.
Oh yea the democrats never play games when redistricting. Just a bunch of goo-goos doing the people's work. 
Obama must be the most incompetent executive ever considering he can't make the government run with such a paltry cut the budget. He'd get fired from running a mall kiosk.  
New Posts  All Forums: