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Wait WTF am I reading? NYT? Paid ad? OH! Unsolicited op-ed. For NYT readers republican == ignore at all costs.
Oh yea the democrats never play games when redistricting. Just a bunch of goo-goos doing the people's work. 
Obama must be the most incompetent executive ever considering he can't make the government run with such a paltry cut the budget. He'd get fired from running a mall kiosk.  
Did ya get yer shotgun yet?
Biden invalidates his claims when he starts speaking.
So anytime someone has "less" no one with the same should strive for "more"? Anything more than a 1000 calorie diet is a "luxury". Greedy motherfuckers.  
My shooting buddy was telling me today that the store shelves are empty of ammo. I asked about 22 ammo considering it's sold in boxes of 500 for less than $10 ... there's none. Too bad we have such and untrustworthy president to inspire this type of panic.
  Does that qualify as "going crazy"? A gentle ribbing at most. 
Eh? AR-15 style rifles come in different calibers but I'm not aware that they are any more powerful than most hunting rifles. They are actually less powerful AFAIK. 
This reminds me of people's misconceptions about motorcycles. "Ermahgerd he owns a Ducati?!?!!1"
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