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  The ones that don't give them away for "free".
  I am worried about my own country. Not just today but 50 years from now.
Anyone with a MBP could have told them not to go with Lithium batteries.
Don't worry. The NYT will call them out for sure on this "eliminationist rhetoric"
Well this is what happens with all these programs. First is just for the disabled and old people. Then the definition of disabled is expanded. Enforcement slacks off. Then people wonder why it's so expensive. Well it started off for disabled people, e.g. "truly cannot work", then expanded to "maybe shouldn't work", then every personality disorder is grounds for disability and ends with late night TV ads for lawyers that can get you on SS disability. The definition of...
There's a lot of scammers getting on SS as "disabled". 
No she didn't. She propagated the lie she was given. 
    Who claimed Rice was "evil"? Just a complete lap dog that lied to the nation's face to help Obama get reelected.   But other than that she's just not that good.     The Other Susan Rice File   Here we thought she was an Africa expert. Rather just another politician.
After 9-11 we put air marshals on many flights. Plain clothes to look like ordinary passengers yet armed with pistols for any threat. Doing the same kind of thing in schools is not so implausible.  
Not really. One of the most powerful and important persons in the world who is attended 24/7 by SS and/or military escort and maybe also physician is left alone to work off a stomach flu and falls becuase of it, suffers a concussion, doesn't seek medical care and it's so bad that creates a dangerous clot? I don't buy it. If that's the case the state department needs to redo their security for more than just consulates. 
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