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Yeah. "Fearless" seemed like a funny adjective to use with regard to innovation, but in the context of what they seem to think "innovation" means, it makes more sense.
Here's an interesting way to make calls with an iPod Touch:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35224746/piece-change-the-way-you-use-smart-phones
I'm sort of hoping for a LiquidMetal option at some point, mostly just because I think it would be cool--my 6 is holding up just fine, but does have a few scratches and shiny corners. An even better feature would be to waterproof the thing.
It means Microsoft just lost 7,800 of their best customers.
Wow, some of those do look great, and appear to be good alternatives to Apple's offerings rather than just cheaper takes on the same thing.
Wow, are we already at the "low yield rates could affect initial launch supply" stage in the rumor process? It seems to come a little earlier every season.
I think the cash position is $202.8 billion, not $220 billion.
In the end, I don't see how it wouldn't bounce back pretty quickly. If earnings per share are up 45% YOY, that is going to push the P/E down from its already low point, and once people get over the fact that the numbers didn't beat the estimates of a few overzealous analysts (but did beat guidance, some analyst surveys, and broke the existing record for the quarter), they are bound to notice that the stock is even more unreasonably cheap than usual, and the price will...
...and in other news, Apple loses $60B in market cap in a few seconds. Thanks, Wall Street.
...or paving the way for Touch ID without sapphire.
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