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For comparison and amusement:   (Marshmallow not shown here because it was just released on the day that these numbers were collected and was below .1% at the time)   source: https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
If I ever want to feel sad, all I have to do is look at a picture of a Microsoft store.
It would be interesting to see comparisons of OS versions from the same year--e.g., iOS 9 vs. Marshmallow, iOS 8 vs. Lollipop, iOS 7 vs. KitKat, etc. I bet KitKat is what's giving Android its perceived edge, and if you only counted the last two releases iOS usage numbers would blow Android out of the water.
If my phone had number-two damage, I'm not sure I'd want it repaired.
So they always split the opening weekend this way? Interesting. I don't remember them ever calling our attention to it before.
Finally, some long-overdue iPhone 7 rumors—too bad the new materials will lead to supply constraints at launch¡ C'mon, you know you were all thinking the same thing.
Excellent point. Plus, it doesn't look like Cook specifically called out Sorkin as one of the opportunists, so it's interesting that Sorkin got so defensive, seeming to identify himself as one of the targets.
They say the phones are 2mm thicker than last year's models, but they're actually 2/10ths of a millimeter thicker, which is really not much.
If this is fair game, why not just leave a rock with your name on it? Or better yet, ask the person in front of you to save your place and then come back when the doors are about to open.
Yeah, there should be an easy way (the Tips app?) to see a complete list of everything hidden. The "three dots" just mean "more options," so it makes sense to me that they would invoke different menus in different contexts. I think the three dots are supposed to be ellipsis dots.
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