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The best line is towards the end: "I'm rooting for Adobe and its allies like Nokia and Palm (and hopefully Blackberry) to win this game."
 But does it have an RGB sensor¿ But seriously, is that another name for the front and back cameras? And I wonder what the Hall effect sensor is used for--maybe a "smart case" that turns the screen on and off?
I know Foxconn does other things, but I would have expected their revenues to be up by more than 5% given the huge apparent success of the current iPhones. Hopefully this means that Tim has been doing some tough bargaining with them.
Ha, agreed. They're probably not embarrassed that their market capitalization increased by more than 24 billion dollars in the past 7 1/2 hours, either. The whole of Philips is worth less than 26 Billion, and JBL presumably much less.
Nice to see Sculley has been able to build upon the role of Misfit Chief that he initiated at Apple.
Ah yes, but demand-chain rumors confirm claims of a new 4-inch iPhone in 2015.    I am happy to report that after a few months of annoyance at the large size of my 6, I have gotten accustomed to it and don't really notice it on a daily basis, but given the choice of a smaller phone with a smaller screen but the same camera, processor, etc., I would definitely take a smaller one, even if it cost a little more. If they can do this easily sometime in the future, I think...
I'd like to a see a comparison that more accurately reflects the way I use these services. I buy music that I love, but use Spotify in lieu of the radio, to hear new things outside of my library. I think if you compared radio listens to music purchases at any time in the history of radio, you would get a similarly dramatic comparison. I think the numbers coming out of Spotify confirm that few people are using it in a "deliberate' way, choosing every song that they want to...
I expect really good margins this quarter, which would be hard for even Wall Street to ignore. The should sell tons of phones, with higher ASPs than usual, and the margins on iPads should be better than they have been in quarters past, too, I think. The margins on the iPads were pretty low when they started out, but I think they have been creeping up. I think the outlook for next quarter should be strong too, given the growth in China (and upcoming Chinese New Year).
 Yeah. I've been thinking maybe they wanted to start with the iMac to get it out for the holiday season, and then when they're able to increase production they will most likely come out with a stand-alone 5k display for the so-called pro market as well. I've been wanting to get a new Mac Pro, but I figured I'd wait until they come out with an upgraded display, since it seems imminent and overdue.
I'm pretty sure it was a mistake, either by a manual trader or an HFT system. The stock dropped $5.73 between 9:50 and 9:51 AM. Traders would only intentionally dump that much stock that fast if there was a major news event (e.g. California fell into the sea). They would have to be sure that the stock was going to be worth a lot less in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, they would sell it in small lots to minimize the market impact. Both types of errors do occur, though....
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