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I hope they allow Google to renew, but at a higher price, and then buy DDG to get a head start in the space themselves for future incorporation into iOS and Mac OS.
I didn't choose those four names, the article did, claiming that those four companies had P/E ratios that were "in line" with the P/E of 15 predicted for Apple. All I'm doing is putting numbers to the names to show how it's not true, either separately or as a group average. Either of my previous numbers proves my point, but I can elaborate: Google has a P/E of 28.18, which I'm sure you will agree is also significantly higher than 15. Oracle (18.39) and Microsoft (17.71)...
 The average P/E of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Oracle is 34.64, which is more than double the 15 that she is assuming for Apple. I'm not saying that 15 is unrealistic given the market's history of undervaluing Apple, but it's hardly "in line" with those other firms--in fact, all of them are above 15, and Facebook's is 74.69.
Dude. They should totally get Ellen Feiss to endorse this.
Many of Apple's competitors have worse margins than GM or Ford.
The best line is towards the end: "I'm rooting for Adobe and its allies like Nokia and Palm (and hopefully Blackberry) to win this game."
 But does it have an RGB sensor¿ But seriously, is that another name for the front and back cameras? And I wonder what the Hall effect sensor is used for--maybe a "smart case" that turns the screen on and off?
I know Foxconn does other things, but I would have expected their revenues to be up by more than 5% given the huge apparent success of the current iPhones. Hopefully this means that Tim has been doing some tough bargaining with them.
Ha, agreed. They're probably not embarrassed that their market capitalization increased by more than 24 billion dollars in the past 7 1/2 hours, either. The whole of Philips is worth less than 26 Billion, and JBL presumably much less.
Nice to see Sculley has been able to build upon the role of Misfit Chief that he initiated at Apple.
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