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In the mid-nineties I had a third-party Mac OS extension that added some cool physics to the GUI. I forget what it was called, but basically when you clicked on a file or folder and began to drag it, the file or folder would appear to swing back and forth from the tip of your cursor, and if you picked it up on the desktop and dropped it back on the desktop, it would fall from your cursor to the bottom of the screen, crashing at the bottom to the sound of shattering glass....
Of course, the biggest shocker here is that Tim is wearing a jacket--he didn't even tuck in his shirt for the iPhone 6/Apple Watch/Apple Pay release!
Does Samsung even report sales figures for this sort of thing? They used to only report units shipped (to stores) rather than units sold to customers, whereas Apple reports units sold to customers, which of course is a much better indicator of a product's actual success but may not look as deceptively impressive.
Downloaded the store app, but it won't let me buy a 64gb gray 6 ("currently unavailable"), only a 128gb ("ships 9/19"). You'd think they'd at least let me pre-order, even if it's not available. Sheesh.
This is torture, but I definitely won't be buying mine from AT&T. A few years ago my dad bought his 4S from them, and he had a problem with it, so he sent it back and then they sent him another one, but then they charged him for two! He kept trying to get the extra charge removed, but eventually they cut off his phone service while he was traveling because they thought he was delinquent with payment. It took about six months to straighten the whole thing out.
I haven't seen a lot of attention given to Apple's nefarious strategy of making the new iPhones bigger and therefore a lot harder to get in and out of your pocket, necessitating a wrist-wearble proxy for the device, but I'm pretty sure this is no coincidence!
Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed that the smallest one is still pretty huge. It's tempting to get a 5s, but would feel kind of strange after keeping my 4s for the past year. I wonder how much they researched market demand--I'm sure there were lots of people who wanted bigger screens, but I suspect there are also lots of less vocal people who, like myself, preferred the existing form factors.
You read it here first: they brought Steve back to life, and he will be returning as CEO, effective tomorrow at 10am Pacific time. That, and a special U2 edition iPod Touch.
It's pretty risky to make something like this when there are strong rumors that Apple is about to come out with a competing device that will most likely be a huge game-changer. It's like rushing to announce your smartphone right before Apple announced the first iPhone.
Yeah, seems like a really big build-up. I'm hoping for a breakthrough in alternative energy technology, or something comparably significant. Maybe they're just going to buy Tesla and put all of their resources behind it to make it more practical for the average consumer. Any other far-flung fantasies out there?
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