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I'd be surprised if they price the fancy models in the $5k range. I imagine that anything this small that needs to also keep a charge throughout the day can't have tons of processing power and RAM, so presumably they will only be able support OS updates for so long, unless you can upgrade the internals, which I doubt. As TechProd1gy noted, few people want to spend $5k on something that will be obsolete in a few years.
I was talking about the app that takes someone's picture if they type I wrong pass code three times. If thieves knew that all phones take your picture after a few wrong tries, they would just cover up the camera with something. The app relies on the thief not expecting to be photographed.
Unfortunately, the efficacy of this relies on the thief not knowing about it, so making it a built-in feature of every phone would greatly reduce its usefulness.
I've tried that, but I still find it kind of clunky if you have to do it all the time. I'd be interested to hear if a lot of you are finding it useful.
I've had my 6 (not Plus) for three days now, and I'm finding the size extremely awkward. When I pick up my 4S, it now feels futuristic to me in a way I didn't think would be possible after three years. My hands are probably slightly larger than average, but one-handed operation seems borderline impossible with the new phone, whereas I never used two hands with my old phone, so I'm probably going to have to do everything differently. My thumb can't reach the top two rows of...
Does anyone doubt that Apple will sell as many as it can make for the foreseeable future? I think the only question is the breakdown of models sold, which will determine profit margin as well as availability. Right now, it looks like demand for the Plus is higher than what they planned for, but it might just be a manufacturing constraint issue, which no doubt will be resolved ASAP. Regardless, the Plus probably has better margins, so it's good to see that sales are brisk...
In the mid-nineties I had a third-party Mac OS extension that added some cool physics to the GUI. I forget what it was called, but basically when you clicked on a file or folder and began to drag it, the file or folder would appear to swing back and forth from the tip of your cursor, and if you picked it up on the desktop and dropped it back on the desktop, it would fall from your cursor to the bottom of the screen, crashing at the bottom to the sound of shattering glass....
Of course, the biggest shocker here is that Tim is wearing a jacket--he didn't even tuck in his shirt for the iPhone 6/Apple Watch/Apple Pay release!
Does Samsung even report sales figures for this sort of thing? They used to only report units shipped (to stores) rather than units sold to customers, whereas Apple reports units sold to customers, which of course is a much better indicator of a product's actual success but may not look as deceptively impressive.
Downloaded the store app, but it won't let me buy a 64gb gray 6 ("currently unavailable"), only a 128gb ("ships 9/19"). You'd think they'd at least let me pre-order, even if it's not available. Sheesh.
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