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The Next Big Thing Is Here. But We're Not Sure What It Is.®
It's interesting to see how different people view this. To me, it seems like mutually beneficial publicity. I saw this headline first somewhere other than here or the Daily Beast (NYT I think), so it's obviously made headlines on multiple news sources, and didn't cost Apple or the rapper dude anything. I'm sure Apple is glad to be seen as the company that enabled a rapper to complete his album on their powerful and easy-to-use computers and not the company that kicked the...
My iPhone 6 has been having problems connecting to the Internet over the cellular network since I installed the update--Mail can't always check for new mail, and Maps can't always access the Internet, but Google Maps works fine (or did the one time I used it, anyway). I turned the phone off and then on again, and now it seems to be working. Hopefully that was all it needed and it will now continue to work. 
I don't see why Tim Cook should have the same freedom that I have. Surely I'm more American than he is, or something.   /s
Um, hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but people don't get to "choose" their sexual preferences. Nobody does, not even you.
They made us use that mouse thing, took away our floppy drives, took away our serial ports, made our flip phones obsolete, and now this? Will it never end?  
That's why the watch needs a camera.
And with Protect, now they'll know when I'm broiling meat in the oven!
I suspect they are refraining from comment to keep from cracking up. 647k? They could probably recoup that by selling a lock of Federighi's hair on eBay.
I like how he accepts or rejects the various performers by swiping (in the air) to the left or the right, Tinder-style.
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