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Maybe that it's hard to improve much on results this good, and some might not see how it could be done. I think some people have been worrying about this for years now, and being proven wrong over and over kind of paradoxically makes them that much more convinced.
To whom does Apple's cash belong, if not to the owners of Apple? If he owned 100% of Apple, would he not own 100% of its cash? Obviously, like I said, he doesn't control the cash, so it's not "his" in the sense that he can use it to buy a gift for his mom, but he's roughly a .5% owner of Apple (if I got the math right), which includes all of the company's assets. And there may be debate about what is best for the company and its shareholders (including myself, since 2001),...
Each share represents partial ownership of the company. If there are a million outstanding shares, each share is worth a millionth of the company. If the company has extra cash, they can different things with it to increase value. If they think the company is undervalued, they can buy back shares and retire them, which means each remaining share will be worth a larger percentage of the company (but of course it will be a larger percentage of a company with less cash). If...
Right you are, and I think those are a few very important points that are being largely overlooked. Bloomberg reported on this today, but neglected to mention the fact that the survey took place before anyone knew what it looked like or what it could do. That's a huge and very irresponsible omission, which I think must have been intentional, since it's not really even news that kids didn't want something that nobody knew anything about. In fact, on the survey they called...
That's nothing! If you leave it in your toilet bowl long enough, it will completely stop working! I dub the latest scandal...Watergate!
It looks like Jony may be trying to hide his left wrist in the photo. That might also explain the fact that he's scowling even more than usual.Actually, I think that's a pretty good spelling mistake.
Hard to know where my allegiance should be--Made in America (by Samsung) or Made by TSMC (in Taiwan).
Very nice. I wish you could turn this on as a default setting. Presumably this would also block the ultra-annoying pop-ups at the top of the screen that tell you to download or open the company's mobile app.
I'd be surprised if they price the fancy models in the $5k range. I imagine that anything this small that needs to also keep a charge throughout the day can't have tons of processing power and RAM, so presumably they will only be able support OS updates for so long, unless you can upgrade the internals, which I doubt. As TechProd1gy noted, few people want to spend $5k on something that will be obsolete in a few years.
I was talking about the app that takes someone's picture if they type I wrong pass code three times. If thieves knew that all phones take your picture after a few wrong tries, they would just cover up the camera with something. The app relies on the thief not expecting to be photographed.
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