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I wonder if this in some small way contributed to the mindset of those who didn't recognize the full threat of the iPhone until it was too late. If you're already inclined to believe that your dominant position will never end, it might be especially easy to dismiss a new competitor who only claims to be aiming for 1% of "your" market.
Poor guy's gonna have to watch The Munsters on a Samsung.
But Biden's victory is hardly a foregone conclusion...I mean, he hasn't even declared his candidacy yet! (kidding, of course)
It's all about perception, and Apple obviously has a long-term perception problem. It's a unique case, so people don't know how to value it (and they haven't since I first bought in, about 13 years ago, which is why I have never been able to sell). Icahn is trying to help get people thinking more deeply about the issue, in the hope that they will be persuaded to see things as he does.  Most of Apple's investors probably don't follow the company nearly as closely as the...
the point isn't that it's equivalent to a direct competitor--it's being compared to a dedicated device. I have a consumer-grade camera that's better than the camera in my iPhone 6, as well as a compass that's better than the compass in my phone and a flashlight that's better than the flashlight in my phone. Of course, I still end up using the phone more, because it's usually more convenient than carrying around a bunch of dedicated devices.
At a certain level, these numbers are more like a game then they are measurably tied to the value of a person's contribution. It is kind of odd to say that somebody makes that much money in a year because they "earned" or even necessarily deserve it. It's more complicated than that. There are absolutely brilliant people all over the world who work extremely hard and make much less. There are even very close parallels: Tim Cook's salary and bonuses last year amounted to...
If anyone were to offer me $83M, I'm sure I would feel an "instant personal connection" with them too.
A telephoto camera (or optical zoom) is at the top of my wish list for potential iPhone improvements. I can't think of anything else about my iPhone 6 that I ever find lacking--the battery life is way more than I need, as are the screen resolution, the thinness, the speed, apps available, the beauty of design, etc. I guess they could also make it waterproof and more durable, but that hasn't really been an issue for me so far either. I was recently traveling through some...
Ok, I think this is officially the most irrelevant AI article I have ever seen. But I am hungry.
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