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So, shouldn't the headline read something like "Amazon inflates streaming library numbers, unofficial Netflix stats use same method"? Netflix actually isn't saying anything about their numbers. They're not misleading anyone, in fact, as said, they don't say as to *not* mislead anyone.
I think you just further proved my point, that the lawsuit is ridiculous and is designed to favour Amazon.
Apple convinced publishers to switch to their model, which has made it impossible for Amazon to compete. Apparently this is better than Amazon's model which made it impossible for anyone else to compete?
And Apple proved everyone wrong. Google has yet to prove anyone wrong. Show me the people saying that web search would never take off, or that people would never need more than 100 MB for their webmail inbox. Search and Gmail are the only two products that have ever done well, even remotely. Until Google starts really showing people they have the chops for more than those two fields, then there's just no faith to be had.
Oh, there certainly could be a bias. In the interest of disclosure, my area is primary university-based settings, particularly mathematics where Linux strongly dominates.
On the contrary, I'm not doubting the evidence at all, I'm certain it's very accurate. But if my anecdotal evidence matches with others (which does seem, repeatedly, to be the case) then it's a good cause to investigate the numbers and make sure they weren't fudged by, say, counting those on store shelves rather than in customer hands.
I keep seeing these types of ratio stories pop up. But where the hell is the other 39%? I saw a couple PlayBooks while in Waterloo. I've seen a single person using a Galaxy Tab. Everything else was literally an iPad. Edit: And on that note, where are the Android phones? I see BlackBerries. I even see a few Windows Phones. Everyone I knew with an Android is now using an iPhone, and I haven't seen one in the wild in weeks.
I actually would enjoy such a move, if the OpenStreetMap tiles weren't butt ugly. I really hope it's a stopgap solution until a home grown vector based map is available.
I have justification for a 4.45" display, almost 4.6". A 4.45" display with 1280x720 resolution would have a pixel density identical to the 4/4S, so onscreen elements would be physically the exact same size, but overall real estate would be higher.
Your words are self-contradictory. The only patents they'd be getting for free are those involved with the SIM standard - ones you just questioned the existence of.
New Posts  All Forums: