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The amount they pay is worked out in regards to what they would have paid if they were paying interest. 
Zero interest, but it all adds up to the same amount. It's just a way of getting their money. 
Merkel finally takes a strong stand for the rights of non-muslims-      “They (non-Muslim Germans) want to know why terrorists have so little regard for the value of human life and why they tie their crimes to their faith. They ask how they can trust the phrase that murderers who claim to act in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam. I want to emphasize that these are valid questions. I believe we urgently need a clarification of these questions by Islam’s...
@trumptman That tactic has served UK muslims well over the last 20 years, but that is changing here. No longer can muslims get away with that sharia nonsense. The raping and grooming by muslims on a vast scale has changed the tide here. People know how the game was played and what it led to. People know that everyone turned a blind eye. Muslims more and more will have to live by our laws or be criminals from schooling to heading organisations. Whatever party holds power in...
Things are going to get far more worse than they are now, even though more and more people are realising that Islam itself is to blame for the murder and fascist like supremacy we see unfolding all around the world on an hourly basis.   Wait another five years and those politicians who have flooded Western Europe with Muslims will likely be facing criminal charges. They are the reason these attacks can so easily be carried out. Repatriation of muslim radicals is...
Don't let anyone silence you-  
Shocking chants-   
But mines operate around the globe but they don't own those countries. Bribe them, but not own.
Pills?   But, I don't think anyone will own any of these planets as such. I'm sure the UN would like to, but I suspect it'll be a long slow process, maybe a few wars too, before anyone starts trying to take full ownership.
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