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I've said it many times before and I'll say it again.The Muslims I know, and the Muslims I meet in general, have nearly all been very nice people. I interact with them as human beings first and foremost. Only with one have I discussed Islamism etc, and he's just as opposed to that as I am. Being critical of Islam, as you just were incidentally, does not make you a bigot, a racist or a Nazi. No one should be attacked for being a Muslim and no one should be attacked for...
It's not exactly surprising but 9 out of 10 of the most dangerous countries are Muslim-    ~ http://www.barenakedislam.com/2015/04/03/9-out-of-10-of-the-most-dangerous-countries-on-earth-are-muslim/   Muslim leaders need to start calling for a reformation of sorts, getting rid of the violent bits in the koran. Sadly most of those people who have tried though have been murdered, often cruelly, even for suggesting some effort is made in that direction. Diffi"cult" one to...
I didn't think anyone took what that terrorist says seriously. You do know he later said that his manifesto he made up in order to discredit the anti-islam groups, which he believed were anti-fascist?  Luckily for everyone there are very few terrorists of his type, and very few who support his terrorism. 
"Poor acting" ~ Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry   "Julianne Moore, the critically acclaimed Oscar winning actress who was celebrated this year for her lead role in Still Alice, has been dropped from an advertising campaign promoting Turkey due to her “poor acting”.   Moore received widespread praise for her portrayal of a professor living with Alzheimer’s in Still Alice, which landed her the best actress Oscar this year. She had been nominated four times...
"187.5" ~ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3020612/Are-mystery-radio-bursts-messages-ALIENS-Study-finds-freak-frequencies-outside-Milky-Way-form-unexplained-multiples-187-5.html
 Knocking someone out can be difficult and might have failed. Locking the door when the pilot leaves is easy and is guaranteed to work.  "Lubitz tells captain Patrick Sondheimer he can go to the toilet at any timeTells the captain he will take over controls and later says 'you can go now'Shortly afterwards there is loud bang, like someone trying to enter cockpitSondheimer yells: ‘For God’s sake, open the door!’ and passengers...
 All they ever do is ease tensions whilst we get millions more of them. That tells me that they want millions more which is extremely troubling. Incidentally, the chances are slim that if it wasn't for Islam we wouldn't have 150 deaths from that suicide airplane crash. Those sealed 9/11 doors made it much easier for him to crash the plane.
It doesn't surprise me one bit. This administration is selling us that there's no evil in Islam, and where there is evil perpetrated it's not Islamic. 
I'm doing my best not to spam this thread with the ROP, but this one from Obama's teammate  was simply too good to pass up, or is that throw up, or even blow up?   "Reading the Quran reminds me of quintessential American values." ~ DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson   ~ http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/03/dhs-secretary-reading-quran-reminds-me-of-quintessential-american-values
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