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It would be better to continue this discussion on Islamification in a thread called "Islam Watch", oh no, wait, that was closed...considered spam. Try "Miscellaneous News" instead. That way we won't derail this one. 
I'm talking specifically about the Islamification of Europe.
Americans, and I still consider myself one, should not be afraid to impeach their president if he has broken the law. Not to do so would in fact fairly warrant accusations of racism.   I get that Obama has wanted to promote Islam and try and prevent hostility towards Muslims because he grew up with them, but he has failed. People have seen through the white-washing of Islam and the enormous lengths Obama has taken to demonise those critical of it. Americans are going to...
My understanding is that even a newly born child is considered muslim by its parents if they are muslim, but I may be wrong.   The Muslims in the UK are becoming less, not more integrated as their numbers increase. This is where the UK is with "integration" with them-      Dispatches- Undercover Mosque- http://vimeo.com/19598947 Dispatches- Undercover Mosque, The Return- http://vimeo.com/85362804
I don't want to live in a country where different groups of people live in different areas. Where when one group expands another flees. That's not the country I grew up in and it's not the country I'd want to leave behind me. But that's already happened on a massive scale here, but the least I can try and do is to prevent it happening any more. Yes, there are some pluses, but when the numbers get too big it's horrible. I'm saddened by what's happened and continues to...
I get exactly where you're coming from. In Europe, including here in the UK, there's a devision growing between whites and non-whites. Racism here has hit the front pages, not in the usual sense of "You're a racist bigot" headlines, but because the politicians have finally been put in their place through Ukip winning the EU election. They won primarily because of immigration, and the politicians are having to adapt to talking about it instead of just calling us racist all...
UKIP don't want to close the borders and hardly any of their supporters want them to either. They do want to end the mass immigration, but still let people come here. We have nearly 50% of muslim men and 75% muslim women unemployed here. We need to sensibly deal with immigration not just carry on the way we have been. I was being slightly tongue in cheek about getting arrested, but there's still a media and political effort here to silence any criticism of Islam. Notice...
He has other s too, but I live in the UK and so if I repeat them I'll be arrested, with a possible 5 year jail term. EDIT - 2 years.
 "Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog"~ Sir Winston Churchill.
I read somewhere that nearly 95% of the families of those who died at Ground Zero don't want their relatives remains on display in the basement of the museum there, and who can blame them? It seems that the museum are going to do it though regardless. Tellingly, less than 5% of Americans are Muslim and when they wanted the term "Islamic terrorism" removed, the museum quickly complied.
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