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Thanks. I'll get a hold of them. Hopefully the moon won't just turn into a series of military bases and expensive hotels.
The moons so big that there's plenty of space to partition off a large area and sell plots within it. The chances are too, that these plots will be one continuous area, that spreads out like a town. There's no farming on the moon, so the amount of space, even with a lot of people buying lots/plots, would be tiny. Typically there are ways around legislation, but it may be they have to start re-writing things as things develop. 
The surface area of the moon is nearly four times the size of the US, so it's big. That means real estate companies will be selling land and there's bound to be high demand. A plot of land on the moon in the early stages is likely to be pretty cheap. A few acres probably won't cost anymore than it would for a few acres of the Nevada desert. As it becomes more affordable to actually live there, and for living there to offer enough to want to live there for more than short...
We're now just a few years/decades away from having thousands, possibly millions, of people living on the moon, and beyond. So how will politics be up there and who will decide? Will everything be corporate run, or will the people have more control and rights than now?    "Mankind has taken one small step closer to colonising the Moon after the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed its latest plans to provide affordable housing – something we can’t even manage in...
I was being sarcastic. Islam we are told is a ROP on a daily basis. The fact that most Muslims won't blow you up, or knife you to death, doesn't make the religion itself peaceful. It just means that not everyone is barbaric enough to carry out its demands, or too fearful of the consequences. No religion should be let off the hook, especially not the one that is used for violence by far more than any other.
But none of it is really because of Islam, just a few bad apples.
Islam has its ugly claws drawing blood and misery whenever and wherever it is- 2014.10.23 Pakistan Quetta 8 1 Suspected ashkar-e-Jhangvi board a bus carrying Shiites and open fire, killing eight innocents. 2014.10.22 Israel Jerusalem 1 7 A Palestinian plows his car into a group of Israelis waiting at a rail station, killing a 3-month-old baby. 2014.10.22 Philippines Maguindanao 2 0 Two guards at a hospital are murdered by a militant Muslim...
You make a very good point, which is that there are a mix of muslims.   THEN YOU GO ON TO SLAVISHY EQUATE WESTERN VALUES, (SORRY CAPSLOCK) with a tiny sprinkling of war. Well none but the extreme left and muslims are falling for those feable excuses for the evils carried out through Islam. Islam kills those who leave it and has ravished humanity for far too long already... with absolutely nothing to give. Bye Islam, in my honest opinion.
ISIL is bad news, but most Muslims aren't that different from athiests christians or anyone else.    Lets share, live together and not think that a Muslim is a Nazi, or a Christian a white racist.   Your thoughts?
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