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Interesting photos of those queuing to catch buses to see Mandela's coffin.  Reminds me a bit of dominoes. Metaphorically backwards, thanks to Mandela helping to overthrow apartheid-        
And this-"A South African sign language interpreter accused of making up his own signs during a memorial to Nelson Mandela has faced charges for murder, rape and kidnapping, it was claimed today.Thamsanqa Jantjie, 34, stood just a few feet from from President Obama and others who spoke at Tuesday's ceremony that was broadcast around the world.South African news website eNCA reported this morning that Mr Jantjie, who has schizophrenia, has faced charges for rape (1994),...
Well, you just can't make this stuff up. No, you can- "The interpreter who signed Nelson Mandela's memorial on Thursday for deaf viewers was a fake, according to experts.The man, who signed for a portion of the ceremony including US President Barack Obama's speech, was simply making up his own signs, the Deaf Federation of South Africa has said.Wilma Newhoudt, a member of the ruling party and the first deaf woman to be elected to the South African Parliament, said the man...
Agreed. Michelle is just anti-fun. I bet Obama hates her negativity. She needs to lighten up!
He cofounded a violent terrorist organisation who's policy was to bomb innocent civilians and brutally torture people to death, but dramatically changed his ways in later life, uniting whites and blacks to bring some justice, respect and equality between the two distinctly different races, and tribes. An inspirational figure to many, and hopefully terrorists everywhere will see that it's through kindness and respect that the biggest prizes are won, not through...
Because another undemocratic, authoritarian, power hungry superpower in the world, is not in America's interests.
Everybody's jealous Scotland has been told it'll have to wait to join the EU. Now that's a triumph!
Yes, it should, and America's future depends on it.
So in other words, "The Jews did it!"
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