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I have. I can't help it if you don't read or can't remember my posts.
You're now on indefinite ignore. You've becoming increasingly abusive here, to the level of troll. I suggest you take a hike, until then, chow.
lol, it was presented already when I posted it earlier in this thread-   "The CDC collected data from the US and 25 other wealthy, industrialized nations on rates of childhood homicide, suicide, and firearm-related deaths.  Pooling the data from all the countries, 86% of all firearm-related fatalities in children under the age of 15 occurred in the US.  The overall firearm-related death rate among US children under the age of 15 years was nearly 12 times higher than among...
Mitt Romney needed money for Bain Capital so he went to the dark side-     In 1983, Bill Bain asked Mitt Romney to launch Bain Capital, a private equity offshoot of the successful consulting firm Bain & Company. After some initial reluctance, Romney agreed. The new job came with a stipulation: Romney couldn't raise money from any current clients, Bain said, because if the private equity venture failed, he didn't want it taking the consulting firm down with...
It just goes to show what a conniving bunch we're dealing with here when they won't even accept that gun ownership increases the chances of suicide. Mind blowing.
No they are not. 
Communist European Elites thank Mitt Romney for the jobs-   "The former Massachusetts governor would make U.S. corporations’ overseas profits exempt from U.S. taxes. These profits are already treated favorably under the tax code compared to corporate profits that are earned and reported domestically, creating an inefficient bias toward investment offshore. The favorable treatment of profits that are reported offshore also creates rewards for corporations that shift...
  I don't doubt it's dismal, that's why this was welcome news. I'm sorry you don't see it that way.   Maybe this you'll at least see as encouraging-
lol, you guys crack me up. Just yesterday SDW was saying I'm a "democratic shill" and today, you. He probably said I was a "fucking leftist" too.    The projected numbers where forecast to be much lower. I find it quite ironic that yesterday you said that you were amazed that I didn't just close my eyes and rejoice that the US has lots of money, and today here you are attacking me for praising Obama's amazing home run in July on jobs, like I say, far greater than we were...
He didn't say he wanted "to annihilate Israel", and you know it. He said he wanted to "annihilate the zionist regime". Typical shit from the war party. 
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