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Within reasonable limits, I think they should. I don't think they need rocket launchers for instance. The police, especially riot police, would be ineffective without proper riot gear. They are the one's who have to enforce our laws, if they were ineffective we may as well have anarchy. Personally, I find it ugly seeing the police dressed like mj's pic shows and do question if it's necessary. But surely the police themselves know the risks better than us? I'm sure dressed...
There's no question that the right are more racist. There's racism in all groups from all sides, but the right have carved a niche for themselves, not just through the Tea Party, but generally wider in the party too. 
Seems a bit hypocritical of you two to be against a well protected police, after both strongly arguing in favour of personal protection. The fact is that crowds of people do sometimes viciously attack the police and these guys need all the protection they can get. I'm not saying the police don't ever make things worse, they do, but that doesn't negate their need for protection.
Be interesting what the Zionists say about this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=GxiwBpbGmoU
Chicago seems to be erupting. 19 people shot on Thursday and 17 more on Friday- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/25/chicago-shootings-4-kille_n_1830124.html   Just one of the terrible shootings-   About 2:30 a.m., a 23-year-old man was killed in the 4900 block of South Drexel Boulevard. Stephin L. Williams, of the 4000 block of South Lake Park Avenue was sitting in a car eating with his girlfriend when two men, one of whom was armed, walked up and announced...
People are all different have different skills. Some people will trust themselves to handle a situation wisely and the use of a gun wisely, others might not trust themselves, but also act wisely. Then there are those who who trust them themselves to act wisely, but don't and those that don't trust themselves and don't. I would say someone who owns a gun, rightly or wrongly, thinks they will act wisely for the most part.    Every situation is different too. Some people...
Just goes to show how dangerous guns are.
I wasn't refering to any particular data. But there is data available that shows clearly that gun owners are far more likely to die or kill friends and family either accidentally or deliberately, than non gun owning households. In one of the two recent gun threads you'll see where I and jimmac posted to this.
No mj, the smearing is the smearing of Obama. That's it. You have gone along with it to some degree. I will call a spade a spade. I know you're smart enough to know that his comments have been misconstrued, and yet you want say so.   Obama was making a simple point. "You didn't build that" means what the government has built. You can argue all you want that ...well he paid taxes to build those things....well guess what? That's the point. 
  Oh so you think the Palestinians shouldn't be there either. I wonder how this will play into your argument that the Native Americans shouldn't get their land back.   I posted this simply to show how this area is not an Israeli area. Parts of it are, but small parts. This land was never Israeli for the most part. 
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