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Just goes to show how dangerous guns are.
I wasn't refering to any particular data. But there is data available that shows clearly that gun owners are far more likely to die or kill friends and family either accidentally or deliberately, than non gun owning households. In one of the two recent gun threads you'll see where I and jimmac posted to this.
No mj, the smearing is the smearing of Obama. That's it. You have gone along with it to some degree. I will call a spade a spade. I know you're smart enough to know that his comments have been misconstrued, and yet you want say so.   Obama was making a simple point. "You didn't build that" means what the government has built. You can argue all you want that ...well he paid taxes to build those things....well guess what? That's the point. 
  Oh so you think the Palestinians shouldn't be there either. I wonder how this will play into your argument that the Native Americans shouldn't get their land back.   I posted this simply to show how this area is not an Israeli area. Parts of it are, but small parts. This land was never Israeli for the most part. 
He means exactly what he said. You built your business, you didn't build the roads and all the other things the government built that are essential (but not always lol) to you having a successful business. I really thought you'd be above this kind of blatant spinning. There are plenty of legitimate things to be angry with Obama for. Making this into something it wasn't just because it's the kind of thing that can portray him as the stereotypical communist president which...
This is daft. Actually it's worse than that. This one sidedness is what's making this so hostile between peoples that for a long time lived in relative peace with one another. Both of these peoples are from that area, and both have a right to be there.    Here's just a small section of wikipedia-   "Palestine was conquered by the Islamic Empire, beginning in 634 CE. In 636 CE, the Battle of Yarmouk during the Muslim conquest of Syria symbolized the complete Muslim...
I'm not being obtuse at all. I see very clearly what you're saying Obama was implying and I disagree with it. He was not saying that they aren't paying taxes, he was saying that they need to pay taxes. It's an obvious and important distinction because "not" paying taxes would be completely false, except in relatively rare cases were people don't. Whereas need to pay taxes is not only true, but emphasizes his point about what the benefits are of paying them.
I think there are a lot of people who will simply feel safer having a gun at home, especially the elderly, and will therefore ignore data. At least, they get to live feeling that they have the power to do something, even if in fact they're putting themselves at an increased risk of dying or killing a family member or friend. That feeling is important though, and for most people they'll be just fine. 
I was just about to edit my post, cos I got what you meant finally!!   Yes of course it acts as a deterrent. It would be interesting to have some data on that though. 
Thanks for speaking slowly!   If you mean if I had a gun and they didn't, fine. That's still a very dangerous situation, and besides no one needed to get hurt. (Oh, your going to say that no one need have even with a gun- well it's more likely than if there hadn't been one IMO)
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