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When you post stuff off the cuff like this that is so remarkably lacking I have to ask myself, "what on earth have you not been learning during these past years?". It's shocking the level of ignorance. I understand you're a teacher, and I know you've spent countless hours online here. How the flip have you managed to be so ignorant? It really is mind boggling. I'm not actually trying to be rude, I'm just amazed that you can write such tripe. What hope is there when there...
I spy with my little eye something beginning with U-  
  The whole point of charts is to show the information in an easily understandable way. If you want to check out the spending versus the gdp for yourself for the time periods shown in these graphs you're free to do so from the same official data. The idea that they just made it all up is absurd when they point to their source for the data. Clearly you don't like what you see in them. 
The whole of the UK had 550 murders in total in 2011. For Chicago alone, estimates for this year are about 504 murders. That's a whole lot better though than 1991 when 943 were murdered, but still not that great...at all. The overall murder numbers in the US in 2009 was 16,799. A lot of those will involve the illegal drugs trade. Given that for each gun related death, there are two more people with often serious injuries, that's a huge amount of money spent on healthcare...
Your links broken. This works- http://startingpoint.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/15/fact-check-cutting-through-the-medicare-rhetoric/
And Ryan has the audacity to attack Obama on it whilst keeping those same savings in his own plan. 
No really, it's Sarah.
If you could remember back to where we discussed this earlier I posted all sorts of facts like gdp growth, inflation, military spending, debt etc for when there was a dem president with a dem congress, dem pres with repub congress, repub pres with repub congress, repub press with dem congress etc. The results were clear. The figures went from good to bad the more there was dem control to the more there was repub control. So please stop with these childish responses. Your...
She's not a leftist, she's a Republican. In fact she's the face of the Tea Party.
Check this out-  
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