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  Agreed. Having had an Apple icon on BBC TV it only seems fair that we also have a BBC icon on Apple TV.
    Sounds similar to what Tim Cook told me last year! "...its(sic) to bring Apple to an even higher level of customer service and satisfaction."   Well he failed at that, actually started to do the reverse.
  Seeing as the 7th gen iPhone will probably be released around the same time next year, I think it will be a fairly easy decision for you when the time comes.
Is cost really a factor for Apple though?Maybe they did have HD cameras that were sold and replaced by Browett.
Bizarre comment. As estolinski said, there are many people who do not have 4S that will be upgrading (I expect the majority of 4S owners won't bother).What did you upgrade to the 4S FOR? The 4 was still a good device at the time. What was the killer feature in it that made you upgrade? Siri?
Great news. It can be annoying taking my non cellular iPad out and about and not having access to iPlayer. This article does contain some errors though; an iPlayer app (streaming only) has been available for some time now and they are called programmes in the UK As for those of you hoping this will be available internationally: no chance. The BBC is funded by a licence fee paid by all TV owners in the UK so it wouldn't be right to give full access to other countries...
The posts re Dixons/Currys/PC World written as if they are now defunct are amusing. Dixons Retail is very much around though still not somewhere I'd choose to shop in a hurry.
I emailed Tim Cook back in January to express my concern at the hiring of John Browett. Incase anyone is interested, here is the reply I received:If this article is accurate then it looks like he was trying to bring Dixons to Apple.
      Seeing as charlituna has just helped you out with the problem you have by providing a solution that will give you exactly what you want, I find that quite a strange reaction.
I notice articles now have a comment count of 0 initially. As no one from AI posted to say this would be changed was I being dense and it was like this all along?
New Posts  All Forums: