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I too am disappointed that the SSD drive is not being offered in the 21.5". I was waiting to upgrade to that configuration as I wanted to eliminate all of the fan noise along with the speed increase.
Yes, it was correct.
Shortly after updatiing my iPhone to IOS 6 I got the following email from Apple...any idea why? I don't use FaceTime.   ~~~~     Dear Bill, Your Apple ID (XXX@mac.com) was used to sign in to FaceTime on an iPhone 4S named “XXX iPhone”.   If you have not recently set up an iPhone with your Apple ID, then you should change your Apple ID password. Learn more.
Another reason why accepting "personal responsibility" for one's actions is a novel idea for many these days.
That's exactly what I did. It did download as the 10.6.5 package as well. Thank you for the heads up! Hope I haven't corrupted my system. Bill
I've ran the combo updater in safe mode twice. Everything went fine with no sign of a problem. Each time when I check "About this Mac" it shows version 10.6.4 installed. What do I do next? Should I try software update? FWIW, my system has been trouble free and I ran disk repair prior to the installation attempt. Thanks, Bill
Hmm, I just started to get this same warning for the first time this afternoon. Is the lebistes.com site legit? BP
+1 Thanks Apple!
Checking the Apple store, I didn't see the ATI Radeon HD 5870 card offered as an option on either the Pro line or the iMacs. Am I missing something? Thanks
Are we having Jack or is it Grey Goose again?
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