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Apple has been steller in the support department. I had the issue with an i7 and it's replacement (going back Monday) and both computers were replaced with no questions asked. Very slick. I've owned 15-20 Macs over the years and this is the first time I've ever had an issue. I'm a pleased client even with this small glitch. Those 27 inchers are beautiful machines and once the problem is resolved, I can't wait to get another. This thread covers the ongoing issue from the...
Well, it doesn't have a keyboard. Who wants to verbalize all of their texting and email?!
I agree. My experience over the years has been that you can show others how to implement your own winning business practices. What's interesting is that only a VERY small percentage of what is shared is ever put into practice. A permanent change of business culture, from the top down, is very difficult for most to implement. A new vision statement is useless without commitment and buy-in. Bill
I've replaced my laptop (and migrated everything over to the new Mac laptop) and need to know if I have to do anything other than just hook it up/pair it to my existing TC. Will TC just continue archiving data, or do I need to erase and start fresh? Thanks you.
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