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And how long do we have to wait for the most annoying aspect of Mail on iOS to be fixed-the placement of the Delete icon right next to the Reply icon? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only fat-fingered user who has trashed an email when attempting to reply. Please. Pretty please.
Actually, it is marked as an editorial.
Still too much...
I've received two of the "Rayban" spams. Hardly an avalanche, however.
Just tried on my 5S. Zero problems with any key in any orientation. Don't recall it being a problem on my 4S or 3GS, either. And I have fat fingers.   Good thing I'm not a robot!
Of course it won't work through a Band-Aid or a scab. That's why you can store the prints from several fingers. If all your fingers have Band-Aids, you should be more careful with sharp things!
Here's an idea...go to any public place-coffeee house, airport lounge, campus-and count the number of iPads vs. "other" tablets. Around Berkeley, I'd say (being generous to "other") that it's a 10-1 ratio, if not greater. See if you come up with any venue anywhere that even remotely supports Strategy Analytics pulled-from-their-butt statistics.
For photography professionals, the iMac is not accurate enough and does not have a great enough color range. Neither do the Cinema Displays. Glossy screens are not a benefit for us-they don't improve either of these needed qualities.
        For professionals in photography, the iMac monitors are not as accurate and don't have the color range we need to do the highest quality work. Neither do Cinema Displays, for that matter.
My main work station has ML, but #2 is still on SL for the use of three programs. One, used rarely, cost $200 to upgrade. The other, used more frequently, is a $1500 upgrade. And then, there's QuickBooks 2008. Stable under SL and flakey with ML. So it's not always about shiny new features.
New Posts  All Forums: