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Hi, This question is probably simple, I just don't know much about how this stuff works. I have a 17" MacBook Pro, and a 23" inch Apple Cinema Display. I want to run dual monitors in which one of the monitors would be my 23" Cinema Display, and the other monitor would be the built in display on the MacBook Pro. What do I need to do here? Cables, configuration, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Logan
Hmm weird, the cascading buttons are back and I can conference again, and again, i didnt touch any settings. Wonder why this happened.
I have a 17 inch fully loaded new macbook pro... so it should work and used to work i dont know how to get it back...
anyone know?
Oh ok, then maybe I disabled multiple for me? Cuz my friends had a conference that they could all join but I coudnt. How do i fix this?
Before today when I was looking at my ichat buddy list, people who I could video conference with had a little green video button next to their name, with what seemed to be two other green video buttons directly behind it cascading back. Other people just had a green button with nothing behind it, now everyone just has one button and none behind it. I hope im making it clear enuf, why dont i see the three buttons ne more?
I was having the same problem but I just kept turnign it on and off and holding c when i booted with the install disk in, and one of hte times i got lucky and it let me boot and i archived and installed it.
Theres still a ton of sites and videos that dont load on macs anyway so that sucks
How do i run a hardware tesT?
Just a few widgets.. and yahoo widget engine
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