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I hope there will be synergies, such as being able to send an attached file from iOS by referring to one's dropbox file system. Also I hope there will be an OSX app on the basis that users should be able to choose the device they work on based on ergonomics, not whether their data and programs are compatible with the device. Keep up the good syncing Dropbox !
An entire page of mindless, aggressive racism based on a tech rumor.
Apple is behaving like a mobile carrier. Blocking access to useful content in order to make people use its own. I think it's a bit cowardly.
The loss of Google maps will stop me upgrading to iOS6 until I am really sure the quality of data I used with Google is still there.   I do use walking directions. I use public transport directions. I see that maps from Apple posted in the article lack footpaths, that were shown on the Google map. I also use satellite images sometimes to clarify what I'm looking at.   I don't care about the Spiderman view, I just want good data, in all countries and Google...
$4 million buys a lot of postage stamps. Unless we're talking about corruption.   I remember the government a few years ago voting that giving money to politicians isn't corruption because "money is speech" and talking of freedom of speech. They can distort anything that works in their favor.
When I'm dictator, I'm going to remove the letter J from the alphabet. Any technology that includes the letter J will be banned.
You don't have to be dumb.   You just have to be someone that doesn't work in tech and doesn't spend their spare time on sites like AppleInsider.   Statistically, that's everyone.
Deleted by self.   And no that's not an object oriented post.  Sheesh!
After the update my iPhone 4S has regained the ability to act as a wifi hotspot. This feature went horribly unstable for me after I plugged it in via USB and it never recovered. I'm hoping it is a fix in software rather than just some cache refresh. I don't fancy re-installing iOS each time I want to use it. Fingers crossed.
Having two separate and incompatible file systems in tandem is awful. And lazy! The ability to organise together files by what they are about, rather than their creator app or data type, is critical for getting organised. Access permissions also make more sense on these terms too - i.e. your app can read my college notes but not my banking info. There are many features that apply to files in OSX's file system that are absent in iCloud, so existing functionality in which...
New Posts  All Forums: