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Indeed, we collapsed real democracy in Iran in 1958.The only places that men were allowed to meet were mosques and since anyone trying to overthrow our dictator would face torture and death, the only people willing to try it were fundamentalists. Hence what they have today.So we switched our allegiance to Saddam Hussein and gave him weaponised gas to use on Iranians in a war we encouraged in which a million people died.We watched while Saddam used up the spare gas on Kurds...
deleted by self.
If there's any exporting involved, then I'd say that Microsoft have made as much a mess of it as Apple.What I'd like to see is Microsoft define a sub-set format (Excel Mobile - wasn't that an oil tanker?) of features that would be guaranteed to be supported on any device, possibly even through a browser.
If Microsoft released this with a companion new Office for Mac that synced iPad documents with Office documents on the Mac's file system ( not in the cloud ) then I'd not only buy the suite but might even consider an iPad. If Microsoft also made a mini version for the iPhone, then I'd take that too.
Organising information based on the application used to create it, rather than by what its content means, is a classic case of failing to understand the difference between data and information. It is necessary to be able to put together things that mean, or are about, the same subject - regardless of their data type. It is also necessary to be able to organise based on multiple meanings. So while a folder may be used for the primary meaning, the Finder includes colours,...
It's not that I think any of those things are going to happen. I think it's more a case that the middle-level of users are moving more toward the airs than the pros for average use, so for the pros to be a valuable distinction they should move upwards (away from the middle) to serve media pros and high-end gamers.If the optical drive came out, I'd guess pro users would rather use the space for increased multi-media power, battery-life and ruggedness than a slimmer pro laptop.
Yes, it seems there's a lot of geeks walking around wearing internet pants. Lots of pockets for all the cables, adapters and dongles that every geek needs. It's also one of the reasons that Apple sometimes winds me up, with their never-going-to-catch-on-as-a-standard video ports that don't connect to anything in a normal person's house or office.
I think they should make the Airs more air and the Pros more pro. My 12" air is fantastic, so the airs are in good shape, but the pros seem a bit lost and the idea of making them more like airs seems a bit committee-like. I wonder what would make a pro more pro in an Apple way. Graphics for sure, to seriously challenge the gaming industry and support media pros ( who probably crave battery life too). High quality sound, maybe Jonny Ive can work with bose to figure out...
This put me off iBooks right away and now I use the Kindle apps which do a simple job well.Apple seems only intermittently aware that they have an ecosystem. Every time they make an unnecessary distinction between OSX and iOS (and even iCloud), they break that. I often find myself thinking that I would give up ten fancy features in exchange for consistent access to my data.
At least they can write correctly in their own language.Since it is a British award to Brits, it only needs to be relevant in Britain.For knighthoods to be given, the recipient has usually given a lot back. People don't get them just for their own success.
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