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I agree that Apple would certainly include HDMI ports. I was just being cynical about Apple's record of introducing ports on their Macs that they claim are where the puck is going to be while people have a house full of products they can't connect. I don't think Apple do this to make money, they're just not as user-friendly as they think they are.
It seems contrary to Apple's preferred one-system-fits-all principle, which has served them so well in simplifying their product lines. The device would need different tuners for each region. Even these things change over time such as the recent switches in some countries from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasts, requiring ugly external boxes.So, I too am wondering what this could actually look like.
With a whole new set of state of the art ports and cables that connect to nothing that people already own !
Supposedly seeded with no known issues, but I bet as soon as I do basic functions in apps like mail, calendar and contacts I can break it in two minutes. I don't think Apple knows how to test.
I'm not so sure about seamlessly. For that to happen Apple would have to learn to test thoroughly and make sure that functionality works well across iOS and OSX.
One of my excuses for buying an iPad 3 would be as a book reader. As much as I'd appreciate a better resolution screen, I'd take double battery life over double resolution any day. An extra LED sounds like trouble on the battery front. I wonder if it's possible to have a book reader mode, with extended battery performance.
If the product is virtually dysfunctional, then putting the information in a support article is still very poor. Given that so many people have been affected and that the offending upgrade was a one click acceptance on the part of the user, the fix should be equally easy and accessible to the general user. The iPhone was not sold as something for geeks to fix on their own time.
The problems created by iOS4 for 3G users are real and are terrible. It took ten seconds for my 3G to get iTunes started and the Calendars app took 5-10 seconds to be usable each time I start it. Sometimes it took 5 seconds for the keyboard to become functional in any app. The list of issues went on. I think it's fair what the woman said and she should have asked instead that Apple make the phone functional again or refund her purchase instead of trying for over-the-top...
A lot of these problems happen because Apple has a blind spot for data processing.This means they regularly destroy people's data, have buggy syncing in all their MobileMe apps and regularly damage features used to support people's daily workflows. Apple is good at many things but they lack the culture, skills and software tools to do data processing. If you use data or have created processes, then it's like having a virus. Apple can fix this, but they have to become aware...
Of course it's a problem for many users if not in your case and users have to try to work through all the possible scenarios where this could affect them because Apple didn't have the professionalism to do it themselves.Apple is merging two services and their data into one, with synergies between them being described as iCloud features. This is partly driven by the product withdrawal of MobileMe which they have been unable to fix. Now they have bungled the migration...
New Posts  All Forums: