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Apple has *changed* the antenna design. We'll see if it's an improvement. I hope so, I'm ready for an upgrade and to switch carrier.
When I switched to Mac I already had a ton of iTunes purchases under a hotmail iTunes id. Apple is the only reason that hotmail account is still alive. My music is encoded to it and iTunes cannot re-code my music for my .me ID. I'd like to see Tim Cook set up a department in Apple called the Think Normal group, to tidy up after all that thinking differently.
I agree, though it will be interesting to see what instructions they have, given Apple's history of damaging people's data.
... but can it sync ? ... and, 2 years on, will apple put an OS onto it that can't run the phone ? Ah, the bitterness of an iPhone 3G owner running MobileMe.
It's going to be interesting to see if Apple have learned enough lessons to be able to handle the transition without damaging customers' data. Data processing is an Apple blind spot.
Oh dear. Lots of new tech for features I have no interest in. As a 3G owner I might have to upgrade just to have a phone that can run its own OS.
What a shame if true. There are lots of cases where a simple player that you don't have to be looking at when you use it comes in very handy. People that do activities like running must have plenty of scenarios where it's true. I've been out running when rain has started and pushed my shuffle into an internal pocket to keep it dry but still been able to press the buttons. Or just press the buttons by feel, without taking my eyes of the path in front of me. Something...
The only reason I still have a hotmail account is that I bought all my early iTunes music on it, before getting a MobileMe account. In theory, I could ask Apple to try to move my encrypted music to my MobileMe apple ID, but MobileMe has taught me that Apple are just as likely to delete all my content. I hope that Tim Cook will bring his experience of operational excellence to bear on data processing, a topic that Apple has never previously understood.
Calling iCloud an evolution of MobileMe is a pretty nice way to cover up Apple's world-wide 100% product recall. Even though it's software, they just couldn't fix the problems that were damaging people's data. I hope that Steve Jobs is right when he describes iCloud as a total re-write from the ground up.
So the problem is that Apple have made a change to trackpad scrolling that makes the trackpad more natural, but the scroll wheel backwards? They forgot that they are different !I wish that Apple would sweat the details.
New Posts  All Forums: