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I'll be doing that asap.Thank the Lord I'm someone with nothing better to do with my time than hang around Apple forums.I'm really looking forward to resizing windows from any corner.
It sounds like this is an additional feature, rather than a replacement feature.Ie, if you have made a bootable drive, you can use it, if you don't have one around, you can try the internet route as a last ditch.So long as that is the case in practice, then it's a good development of what I would call a "real" OS feature.If I were to pick a gripe of my own, it's that these instructions will probably be hidden in support documents rather than up front and central where...
iCloud ?
I hope they can run the user interface. The ones I looked at at in the Apple Store were so slow, there was a definite wait when moving just from record to record - in iTunes lists of music and even in the Finder from file to file. It really put me off as I'm keen for a super-light Macbook.
It would be interesting to know how long Apple's internal manufacturing tweaking cycle is. Not the time to the next refresh, but the time from when hardware goes out, they discover some minor glitches not worth admitting, then fix them and the next run of macbooks comes out. I bought one of the first unibody macbook 13"s and I'm sure it's mechanically buggier than everyone else's.
Or just make your apps worth keeping.
I'd like the ability to return apps, since so many of them are junk or buggy. Any app worth owning will have a lifetime a lot longer than 7 days. I wish we had this.
I find the backlit keyboard useful, though I think Apple could improve their implementation of it. There's so much light leakage from around the keys, which doesn't seem to have any purpose other than to slightly wash out your vision in the dark. They only need to light the letters and I'm sure they could engineer that and probably save some energy on the size of the lights. The keyboard always seems to go off when I need it most. They have used two whole keys to...
The MBP has a better chance of running OSX. The Airs I've looked at in the Apple Store could barely (ie slowly) handle the basics of the UI. I'll take another look after this refresh and see.
I think that spinning beachball app is pretty slick, for one.I seem to spend a lot of time looking at it.
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