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Perhaps an example of what you're talking about might be that Apple have added the launchpad, but still don't have a command that removes an installed app and all of its components.
More software in silos. Apple's strength, and Apple's weakness.
Can you tell it's an American company ?
Exactly. Apple are asleep at the wheel when it comes to using information outside their little silos.
Exactly !I'm keen to buy an iPad but have to run through all the scenarios I won't be able to use it for and figure all the third party services and apps I need to plug the simplest of tasks that involve using information on one device/OS and continuing on the other device/OS when I go out or come home. It's an uncoordinated mess.
Every feature they make for OSX should be compatible with iOS and vice versa. Apple doesn't seem to understand how much the complexities of owning Apple devices increases as you buy more. What should happen is that the *synergies* increase.
They could start by recognising that apple devices connected to the same Apple ID should be talking.
One thing I've noticed is that you *never* see refurbished iPad 2's in the UK Apple Store web site. I've been looking for ages.
There's a huge amount of untapped value in network/location settings.One of the no-brainers for me is that different types of network activity switch on and off based on whether the internet connection is 3G or not. Let me decide what can and cannot go over 3G and set and forget it.Another example is for iPhone/iPads to only poll for my saved wifi connections when there is some hope of finding one. So if the phone knows it's 100 miles from my house, don't waste battery...
If they renamed the 4th of July "Dropbox Day", perhaps.
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