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Apple manages to delete people's data with almost every transition they do. If they don't get you on the data migration, they'll get you with some flakey syncing when you're not looking. Data processing is not one of Apple's strengths. Backup like crazy before zero day.
I'm with you there. When I'm done working for the day, the last thing I need is tech problems to solve at home. My consumer tech should just work and that includes best practice such as backup.
Plus the power supplies had a horrible record of dying.Apple give you a new TC but you lose your backup history.I would not upgrade my 500GB to a higher size TC, just plug in a hard drive and be happier that the next power supply that goes won't take my data with it.
Given the world's massive reliance on data that is held in Office documents, I'd like to see Apple make their own client to those formats, for iOS and OSX and even the web.This is different from the dysfunctional import/export model in iWork.If Apple made a front end of their own, they could then choose to support only those features that have one-to-one parity between iWork and Office (and OpenOffice), creating a seamless subset that would make iWork.com have real value...
"Apple's iPad to lead tablet market explosion for 'foreseeable future'" This is a classic non-statement. Apple leads the market now. The analyst knows of no reason why that would change, which can be an absence of knowledge rather than knowledge of the contrary. The only difference between this analyst and my dog is my dog can't make sentences.
How long does it take for mobile safari to display apple's own mobileme website? Still waiting. Maybe after iCloud.
I think you're describing an interesting point there, that it is not necessarily the most powerful machine that gets to act as the hub/server.I don't think iCloud is complete until it implements a personal cloud that lets us choose the roles of various devices based on a map of our hardware, software and content.
I have always assumed that Apple deliberately leave jailbreaking open so as to provide a way for people to experiment but without Apple having to support them when it goes wrong.I assume there is a step somewhere in the jailbreaking process where iOS grants the user/app permission to open a dialogue where the jailbreaking process can start.
The biggest potential for evil comes from a source that can act right now. That's the government. After all, it's not Google that has a history of international abduction for torture. That's not going to get better until we stop kidding ourselves that we are leaders of the free world and our free press is doing its job.But, looking on the bright side, the good news is that OSX Lion windows can be resized from *any* corner.
Let's have more reasons to include the words 'proactive' and 'security' in one sentence.
New Posts  All Forums: