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This is all good, but to make it really consumer friendly they need to reduce it to simple user-oriented scenarios, rather than config screens. Perhaps: Button 1 = I *think* my phone has been lost or stolen but I'm still checking. Button 2 = Yes, it's definitely gone.
What I feel is missing from this whole ecosystem is a recognition that an OSX device, the Air etc, can be one of the satellite devices like an iOS device.Currently, any OSX Mac behaves as if we are still in the old days when it would be the household's only computer and hold all content itself.There's some syncing, but it's still syncing between vertically complete systems that each consider themselves your only computer.I would get an Air, and be very happy with smaller...
Given the number of geeks that can actually put together sentences, a comic book biography makes sense.
I'd like to see the model change so that carriers cannot combine the mobile service charges with the phone buying charges.They should be made to split out the phone cost and treat it as a hire purchase in the same way as with car finance. With financing loans, the lender is obliged to tell you how much you pay each month, what the loan percentage is, how much the total is and when you take full ownership.If these were split out, then customers would still have their...
Slightly off-topic, but if Apple's SDK *lets* developers see un-approved APIs then someone at Apple needs to read a book.
iCloud of the clan iCloud. There can be only one.
I was keen for a Macbook Air but when I checked them out in the Apple Store, even simple things like basic navigation (moving from record to record in Finder and in iTunes) seemed so slow I didn't want to risk it. I'll see what happens on the next refresh.
Yes, I was wondering about that. It might be possible to use a single subscription to 'clean' a music collection.
Regarding iMessage, and some of the other features: I wish they would include OSX in the ecosystem. Throughout the keynote and on Apple's site, they switch between 'all devices' meaning all iOS devices and other times meaning iOS plus OSX. Another example is the iBooks reader, which should be a proper app on OSX. If they do this work, they will start to see the possibility of a more declarative language that can run universally across the systems.
Plus you are trapped looking at the current week/month.If the event you are looking at overlaps 2 weeks / months, then you have to click back and forth to see the two halves. It should be on a slider, where if you slide your finger then it moves seamlessly across the timeline, but if you flick, then it goes to the next week/month.
New Posts  All Forums: