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Apple should at least let us select a location from Address Book.Locations are important data and should be used meaningfully.
Since the last iCal update, I get message alerts with beeps even when the alert was specified as an email only !!! I had about a hundred of these per month timed for various things I do frequently, all sending emails in the night - now they are all waking me up and I have to find all the darn things and switch them off.
There was a TV program about Americans living in France. They said the difference they notice most is that in France the government is afraid of the people, in America the people are afraid of the government.
I'd like to see Apple ban sales to congressmen and senators that failed to vote against torture; then name and shame them.
Surely it's time for a unified inbox app for all messages: iChat, SMS, Voicemail, etc, that all such apps can plug into. Specially when the same conversation can continue thru multiple apps depending on minute-to-minute circumstances. It doesn't matter what app they have used to send the message, only that there is a message. The message itself will have the return info needed to start the right app.
I think Apple have been screwing this up ever since the release of MobileMe. During this time they have managed to delete every kind of data from some people's accounts. They are great in hardware and in the media sector, but as a person who runs business package implementations, it is clear to me that their isolation from enterprise has left them weak in data processing, which is what email/contacts/calendars/etc is all about. They lack the attitude, the approach, the...
The dumb-asses in the MobileMe team have sent an email saying that MobileMe won't be available after a certain data, but have not said whether the email addresses will still be valid, etc. It may be that the email addresses continue under iCloud, but they need to say that in the same email, not leave people sifting through the iCloud websites to figure out if they'll still have an email account. Ignorant and unprofessional - every time they do this, people in enterprise...
Yep, the carriers haven't weighed in yet. This will effect us all, regardless of whether we use it.
iCloud: So if you take a photo of your ass with your iPhone because you're worried you might be developing a rash, it appears on the family's Apple TV ?! "These are not the roids you are looking for."
Zero value for me I'm afraid. I use smart playlists, so I always have my favorite music with me and am constantly rediscovering old music too, better than ever.
New Posts  All Forums: