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I wonder if Cook will also apologize. I think he should as well. But probably not. sigh
Ugh I'm so torn that Apple doesn't really have a mid range tower. I'm a designer and an amateur music producer. I also play games. I need a lot of screen real estate, and decent power. Mac mini is not enough because I want the dedicated GPU, and the Mac pro is just out of my price range. The iMac power (and 5k res) is great, but I want to be able to update my display every so often. Right now I'm using a 27" iMac and external 24" monitor at home and a MBP with LG Ultrawide...
Didnt the super oldddd (like 2004 old) MBP have the butterfly mechanism for the keyboard? I replaced my keyboard once and could've sworn it was like the butterfly hinge.
Is there a website out there yet that shows inventory at local retail stores?
YOu should really change the way you display the "update". Either put it at the bottom of the article, or in bold font, or a line under it or something. It's hard to discern when the update stops and the original story begins. I'm assuming the "update" is only one paragraph in this story?
I totally agree with Bobschlob. It was the first thing I noticed. I highly doubt Apple would release this without a flush lens. As well as the ugly rubber looking "seams"? Will this be waterproof? Are they seals? Surely they could design it better for that.
I agree with Scotty321. There is a reason we let things be built in China, obviously for the cost, but because they are hard at work all the damn time. Hell, foxxtron works 24/7. But god forbid we made people work at 2am, there would be lawsuits up the ass for Apple for workers comp and people whining. Just saying, us american's are spoiled. And honestly, a Mac Pro built in America is the same as a Mac Pro built in China. It's only due to left wing whining hippies and...
How is the quality of the video/photo? I know that when you "message" a video to someone it just KILLS the quality. Does it transfer in it's original quality?
  Looks like another stupid zombie game. What is with all this stupid shit about zombies? Resident Evil was the only cool game and now even that is all played out.    Have fun playing your zombie game.
Am I the only one that first noticed the new "thinner" font they used?
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