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I agree with Scotty321. There is a reason we let things be built in China, obviously for the cost, but because they are hard at work all the damn time. Hell, foxxtron works 24/7. But god forbid we made people work at 2am, there would be lawsuits up the ass for Apple for workers comp and people whining. Just saying, us american's are spoiled. And honestly, a Mac Pro built in America is the same as a Mac Pro built in China. It's only due to left wing whining hippies and...
How is the quality of the video/photo? I know that when you "message" a video to someone it just KILLS the quality. Does it transfer in it's original quality?
  Looks like another stupid zombie game. What is with all this stupid shit about zombies? Resident Evil was the only cool game and now even that is all played out.    Have fun playing your zombie game.
Am I the only one that first noticed the new "thinner" font they used?
Trust me it is. 101 south is a b!tch... but, he probably just goes in once a week for an hour at around 1pm. Or maybe he has a private helicoptor. HAHA
How do you know what house it is Marvin?
That's gonna be a shitty commute to Palo Alto haha
No SIM ejection tool!?
Delete the apostrophe. Sorry.
LOL, I love this one too:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx7v815bYUw
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