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What's the betting that the same people bashing the idea of adding more relevant apps to the Apple TV would do an about-turn if this was a new feature announced by Apple?   I can think of multiple apps I'd love to have on my Apple TV. Thing is I don't for one second believe Apple would ever allow them, as it goes against the entire business model of why they have the apple tv in the first place. I am thinking apps like Slingplayer, BBC iplayer, Sky Go, 4OD (you would...
Cannot understand how an ipod touch can pull off airplay mirroring and yet a laptop with core i7 2.66 doesn't have the power to do it...    So will Apple disable airplay mirroring / streaming if your laptop doesn't meet the requirements? 
I'd love to get a 15" MB (Air/Pro), I do a lot of travel and a lighter decent sized MB would be excellent. I do think Ethernet port is pretty important. Lot of hotels only support ethernet connection in the rooms. Unless you're going to carry around an airport express with you I think you're stuck, but if you have to start carrying accessories around you sorta defeat the purpose of going for a lighter laptop... I worry that when the new 15" arrives it will be sans...
Once the iPad gets front facing camera I'll think about getting one. Would like to see retina display, the carbon fibre cover and an improved battery would be nice too. I don't think storage capacity matters on it.
Couldn't agree more, I've been waiting for this for years and really feel this is a complete let down. Right now the lack of webcam and lack of usb is enough to put me right off. Plus there's the mammoth bezel looks horrid and wide-screen movies look rubbish on it. I hadn't thought about the No File System - but that's a big one. Also iBook isn't supported outside the US? This has to be a temporary thing. Getting a screen protector on that thing is going to be fun too. If...
I HATE the Mighty Mouse scroll ball button. It makes that piece of hardware unusable. This news can only be good, but I wonder would it be available as an upgrade for existing iMac owners?
I hate the "mighty" mouse so much.
Full agree. I own a 24" current gen iMac - don't think it needs to be slimmer. More RAM capacity and more cores would do it nicely.
If the 2nd generation iphone can run all the new announcements today in software version 3, then what hardware can we expect in June?
Logicprohelp is a good source for info imo. If they don't fix the pitch tools there's something wrong. It'd be nice if Logic included something along the lines of Melodyne.
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