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While Citi is currently listed as being compatible, Citi business cards are not. In my conversation with Citi, yesterday, there is no expected date for compatibility.
Some will only be happy when Tim Cook is denied service at the lunch counter in Arizona. And they'll cloak it as "religious freedom".
Bacchus loves you.  Hell, Bacchus loves everybody!
Funny, a long-term Apple store employee told me the iPhone 5s/5c was the biggest rollout ever in her store. Odo, you left out "beleagured' when referring to Apple.
Me, too. Jumped right out at me before I had even scrolled down to see the entire image. It would have looked much better with Torx screw heads--much more industrial. Steve would have had the screws in the back, not the face. And what's with that huge bezel? What a waste of real estate. Or the whole watch could have been smaller.
The new building is not a space ship, it's a GIANT Mac Pro.
Is that anything like the hair on my soap?
ascetics > aesthetics
When the small group are the leaders of the larger group, you have a perception problem.   My remembrance of that time, is when the film critic for KGO-TV came out of the closet and admitted that he was dying of AIDS. He expected to be condemned and vilified by Christians. He was not. He was greeted with love and support in his last days and he was happy to report that.
I was specifically countering the original poster's statement that helping those with AIDS was NOT controversial and I was pointing out that it can be.    I also left out any reference to gays because those afflicted were a broader scope than that, i.e., IV drug users, non-monogamous, sex before marriage, etc.    The examples you cite, are not charities and I don't see the relevance specifically to charitable giving and why one would choose to keep one's donations private.
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