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Stay away for Cash for iPhones. Those guys are criminals. Literally committing fraud. They quoted up to $325 for an immaculate iPhone 5s a year ago. They they put $25 into my PayPal account. I called them on it and they said if I didn't reply to their email offer, then the sale was processed as is. I told them to send it back and they said too late, already processed. Motherf_______s.    It's a common ripoff tactic with Cash for iPhones. They never send the email offer....
Hey, Bob, I'm loving my GM electric car, a Spark EV.   Great little hot rod with 400 pounds of torque. Yeah, it's a compliance car but unlike Tesla, GM has done NOTHING to invest in infrastructure. Tesla has invested millions in creating their own showrooms and charging stations so it's no wonder they're not showing a profit. Not that hard to understand, Bob.   Why didn't I order the DCFC with my Spark lease? Because I was correct that GM wouldn't build any DC charging...
An Apple watch is going to cure my 40-year-old neighbor's brain cancer? If it wasn't for the ACA, she'd have no medical coverage as she had a pre-existing condition, breast cancer, four years ago.
She got rid of name badges at Apple stores. I could do the same bone-headed move for a lot less money. 
Not sure what's she's done for Apple other than removing name badges of staff at the Apple stores not exactly a brilliant idea.
I saw the van on Sunday around lunchtime, yesterday, on Anderson Drive in San Rafael, California headed westward. Beautiful clear day.
And Time Machine...
Apple has 444 retail establishments throughout the world; any of which could be a target of malicious activity.    How many brick and mortar stores do the others have?
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