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Not sure what's she's done for Apple other than removing name badges of staff at the Apple stores not exactly a brilliant idea.
I saw the van on Sunday around lunchtime, yesterday, on Anderson Drive in San Rafael, California headed westward. Beautiful clear day.
And Time Machine...
Apple has 444 retail establishments throughout the world; any of which could be a target of malicious activity.    How many brick and mortar stores do the others have?
While Citi is currently listed as being compatible, Citi business cards are not. In my conversation with Citi, yesterday, there is no expected date for compatibility.
Some will only be happy when Tim Cook is denied service at the lunch counter in Arizona. And they'll cloak it as "religious freedom".
Bacchus loves you.  Hell, Bacchus loves everybody!
Funny, a long-term Apple store employee told me the iPhone 5s/5c was the biggest rollout ever in her store. Odo, you left out "beleagured' when referring to Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: