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I am interested to see how Apple will respond to another niche area, high-quality music playback like that being developed by the "Pono" effort (http://ponomusic.force.com). It will playback at 192k or FLAC formats. If you watch the Pono video, there are apparently audible differences in the nuances of music that make all the difference in the world. An Apple device would not only need the large capacity of the Classic, but the ability play back at the higher data rate....
I have a Verizon iPad 3. In order to use it, I had to agree to buy data before 3 months were up after the last use or they would close my account, bricking it from being able to buy new data by blocking the sim. This would then require me to go to a Verizon store, pay the $30 fee to set up a new account, obtain a new sim just to get the iPad's data link working again. (Update: after an hour wait & 45 minutes set up time, Verizon did not charge me the $30). Just prior me...
Confirming, this new 'feature' will allow me to sync my 20,000 photos to all of my 16gig devices? Also, I thought you had to have IOS 8 & Yosemite to upgrade to iCloud Drive, & that once you did that, all of your older devices that that ran IOS 7 or older, or Mavericks or older, couldn't use nor access iCloud Drive. Some older devices can't nor shouldn't be updated. Verifying this is a step up in 'connectivity' for all of your devices?
"Um, yes, I did vote for it before I voted against it."
Imagine if CurrentC was pitched on SharkTank right now: "Yes, we access customers' bank accounts, yes we assess our members large fines if they use competitors, & yes we've been recently hacked, but trust me, it's a really good idea that will make everyone s lot of money in the long run!"
The article says, "The FTC alleges that the level of throttling has been "severe," with speed reductions reaching 80 to 90 percent of the advertised capacity." In context, the FTC apparently perceives the "Advertised Capacity" to be the standard which AT&T used to induce persons to choose their company over another, & talks specifically about throttling that capacity. It seems clear to me the FTC is focusing specifically on throttling speed, as you couldn't possibly use...
I've been quoted 5 weeks for mine; still waiting, no rush. I'd rather have it built like a fine watch with form, fit & finish, rather than with haphazard assembly, screen not lined up, metal burrs not removed, & stripped screws. I've seen people driving on Red Bull. That's exactly who I don't want assembling my phone.
Experts say to 'study success,' then emulate its formula. Using this model, maybe GT Technologies people should buy up as much stock as they can while it is low & then...well, then....then, they'd really have something! Especially so, if Apple took it over & ran it successfully for a huge profit & share gains.
Yes, Bose had an exclusive contract with NFL, & now Bose is no longer in the Apple Stores. What happened in the middle, was that the NFL fined the player $10,000 for wearing the pink non-Bose headphones, which he was doing to support breast cancer. I don't know if Bose made pink headphones for the same cause. Do an internet search on "NFL breast cancer" & see the number of articles that show up, including one where the NFL kept a family waiting all day for a film crew to...
Bose usually sells at their retail price. Occasionally, the Bose stores would have a 10-15% off sale, plus black Friday, etc., & that may be duplicated in Best Buy & other stores as well. I've never seen Bose products marked down whatsoever at the Apple Stores, so I've never made a purchase of Bose products there. Many other products I've seen else ware much less than the 'suggested retail price, never at the Apple Store, unless it was close out stuff. Just my perception.
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