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Does anyone know how far away the phone can be from the watch for calls to work? I have yet to see any specs on this. Can I leave the phone on the kitchen counter and walk around my house and yard with the watch and take calls, for example? If I have to keep the phone in my pocket I'm gonna be bummed.
So those average unit prices...those are for comparably built machines, right? Oh, nevermind.
Yes. What are the odds that any auto manufacturer will provide any support for the current proprietary nav/music/settings operating systems they already use?  I'd say ZERO.  If, on the other hand, Apple and/or someone else becomes the dominant supplier of such systems, there is a much greater chance that a network of hackers and 3rd party support will develop to help people. 
PLEASE work with VW because their UI is mostly crap (especially if you have the on board navigation). 
"takes much more skill than winning the lottery." As does everything else that isn't a game of chance.
  Maybe you just made a poor choice of words but 'ideas and concepts' are great only to a point.  They don't add real value to the world until they can be delivered in a practical manner.  Execution matters more.  Apple is really damn good at execution; they bring good ideas to life and they do it with great integrity and craftsmanship.  Oracle is basically the opposite.  Their craftsmanship is almost non-existent, except perhaps in their core DB product.  They excel,...
In contrast, Oracle could only get better with Ellison gone.  Their product quality is absolutely terrible.     
Is this just paraphrasing? He has nothing useful to say at all. Hike your pants back up to your armpits buddy and get back on the porch.
When is Kayak coming out with an OS and phone?  And Angry Birds?   
This seems colossally stupid.
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