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Game sells, dependent on version, for 60 or 80 bucks.  Even if all 2 million sales were at $60 each, that's $120 million minimum already.  And the advertising campaign was quite small compared to most big games (think Call of Duty).  I wouldn't be surprised if 2 million units sold isn't pretty close to, or even exceeding, the break even point for this game.
Weird timing. This just happened today on my MBP Retina display, recently purchased for me by my work for testing purposes. Got it a month ago, no issue until this morning when I came into the room and heard the fan. Just assumed it was my desktop, nope, then more closely followed the noise to the MBR. The case was completely cool, no real heat issue and no reason there should have been one. MBR had just been sitting idle for 24 hours. Had to power off and back on,...
I guess I'm a "fandroid" now, at least I ditched my iPhone 4 in favor of a GS 3 last year. Anyway, I don't have an issue with the iPhone aesthetics so much as I do with the OS and phone screen size. The iPhone "design" is pretty nifty otherwise.
Utter rubbish. I work for a company where Dell is used predominantly and has been for quite some time.  They are put through tons of requirements (performance, delivery, pricing, warranty etc) and they deliver.  We have well over 300k systems.
I would expect an Administrator to have a better grasp of the facts and not resort to Fanboi-speak so quickly. SolipsismX is correct, AT&T's hand was forced by T-Mobile using the 4G moniker for their HSPA+ network.  Hardly a deplorable move.
Correction, they didn't play the entire commercial and in fact talked over half of what was played.
What phone do you have?
God, the misinformation and total ignorance here of Android-based phones is amazing.  And all of that from a supposed "techie" crowd.   We have had iPhones since the original, still have two (4 and 4S) in my family.  Great phones.  I was ready for a change, jailbreaking opened my eyes as to what a phone could be without Apple restraints wanted to learn the Android side of things and turned my iPhone4 in for a Galaxy S3 a couple months ago.  Couldn't be happier.  Much...
Umm, no. Jelly Bean runs more efficiently than ICS.  Look it up. Or not. Ignorance befits you.
I asked my Galaxy S3 to "find Apple stores" and it returned results that only included the correct 3 local Apple stores. Just an FYI.
New Posts  All Forums: