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"This is because Android-based smartphone proponents aren't very intelligent or they are dishonest. While that may seem a harsh statement it is reality. They are blinded by their hatred of Apple. I have never understand Apple-hatred from anyone other than an information technology professional although even then the hatred isn't justified. Some information technology professionals believe Apple computers will make their function nearly obsolete if everyone has a...
Where did you get that idea?
I have bought Apple products for years. Among the many items we have 4 iPhones. I was going to consider the Galaxy S III among other Android phones next month, decide whether to wait for the iPhone 5 or make a change, kind of a been there, done that with Apple.Given that Apple is constantly trying to limit my choice, I'll not buy any Apple product again. I'm not the only one. I'm sure Apple fans couldnt care less, nor do I care what they group-think.
I agree. An "everyone I know" and "buddy" test is much more scientific, much less a mess. Gotta love the anecdotal "proof" to reports like this.
Add Greenpeace to the list of "Enemies."
How long before the posts arrive trashing Anandtech?
Predicatable responses. Apple is dissed and the hoards decend upon the evil offender. Add another to the fanboi hitlist! LOL
Clearly not Apple fanbois.
Because he was interviewed and asked?
Nothing that guy said that can really be argued with.
New Posts  All Forums: