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There's the baaad part of the 1% and then there's the goood part of the 1% that vote Democratic. Just like there are those baaaad corporations that use off-shore labor to compete and make obscene profits and then there's Apple, who of course MUST use off-shore labor so as to maintain goood record profits. Hypocrisy rules in all levels of government and in all parties. just one of many reasons why what the government does, and how much it takes from us, needs greater...
And most importantly, Apple would lack the extreme profit margins that we all have grown to love and protect. God forbid that margins be affected, Apple is barely making due as it is.
The primary job of any government is to maintain law and order in ITS OWN COUNTRY. Your premise is off, as is your conclusion.
Predictable. Time is added to the ever-growing list of enemies of Apple. The minimization begins.
Ok, if you're going to believe that number you also have to believe that apple is paying less than 1/3 of what other tenants are. Tell me why Apple shouldn't be paying the same rate as everyone else? Liberal, deluded thinking? This Apple-protectionist crap is amazing.
Because they didn't need a PC in the first place. Now they have the lesser alternatives they were lacking.
If you purchase a tethering plan thru a carrier you have a different bucket of data from what you are using for your phone. They are NOT charging twice for the same product.
LOL. Oh the irony!
How would I know how often he was a jerk? How do you know?
Really, that's your response? Had I slammed you in some way? Who is the "jerk" here?
New Posts  All Forums: