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Thank you. A reasonable response.
No. But I think an article that simply shows him 'not being a jerk' and acting like a normal person hardly seems worthy of mention. Unless it was so extremely rare when he wasn't a jerk. I wouldn't know.
Apparently. I though I was pretty much stating the obvious.
"His" table was occupied so he waited. That's "humble?" It's more like what is expected of everyone. Thus, it would also be correct to say he wasn't a jerk about it. How is this information deserving of any mention anywhere?
LOL. And you think Apple would have settled for the profit margins that AT&T/Verizon/etc receive? Think again. There's NOTHING about Apple products and prices that suggest that an Apple network wouldn't have been as expensive if not more.
Got any proof for that?
You've forgotten Apple's interesting "oops, we made a mistake" in the software routine that overstated signal strength and displayed artificially higher bars on the iPhone? Apple corrected that mistake (yeah, right) so that an area where signal strength was being overstated as a "4" would correctly show as "2," for example.
Typical justification for being an asshole. Sorry, it didn't work.
What an arrogant, obnoxious comment.
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