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What excuse? And "keeping it real," by what measure do you contend that Verizon's network was any more ready for the iPhone than AT&T? Dropped calls and coverage is irrelevant, we're talking the ability to handle the unprecendented increased volume of data that the iPhone created.
By what measure? I've seen the coverage of the ad but I have yet to see one "live" and I watch a fair amount of TV (unfortunately). I'm in the midwest.
Verizon is thanking their lucky stars that they didn't get the original exclusivity agreement for the iPhone or they would be the one hearing "your network is crap" ad naseum.
So . . . instead of a non-expiring license purchase of the OS, schools will have to purchase 1-year expiring licenses at a cost that isn't substantially lower than what was being paid before. The benefit to the schools, free upgrades to newer versions of the OS (should they occur during the license year). Sounds like a effort to increase revenues by adopting a more similar program similar to MS. Major cost increase to the schools for upgrade insurance. Am I missing...
How so? A tablet might server some exclusive purposes, but for the majority I would think it's just another form factor to accomplish pretty much the same things.
"Of those people who bought laptops..." Where does it even say that? Only thing I got from this was 3100 were surveyed, an unknown number responded, of that unknown number 25% had purchased MacBooks within the last 90 days.Poorly written article as is too often the case.
This has nothing to do with a "settlement," there was no lawsuit here. They asked for a refund. An NDA for a refund. Absurd.
Works full bars in my building and, surprisingly, full bars in the elevators of our 42 story building.
"Apple has reportedly set a strict deadline that asks..." LOL. Asks?
$1200??? How can anyone justify this price? Oh wait, it's an Apple forum.
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