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That's a joke, right?
Airplane mode. Interesting, I'll try it. Edit: Nope. Error 3200 persists. I give up for a day or two until some real solutions are documented.
There are a couple different issues. Problems downloading is one, actually completing the upgrade after a successful download is another. Quite a few can't complete the upgrade and so far there are no real solutions once an error 3200 is experienced. Guess I'll go over to the Apple boards for an official Apple response. Oh wait, there won't be one.
Crap. iPad2 upgrade failed with error 3200 as well. Lovely.
Nope, apparently quite a few folks with this error per the Apple boards. Typical suggestions are all I'm seeing there, reboot computer, turn off AV/firewall/blah blah blah, no one reporting success after having experiened the problem. Anxiously awaiting the details from someone else's success as I'm not having any. Now trying my iPad, it's downloadng the update as well, see where this one goes.
A serious question . . . I hadn't read anything since they were first posted elsewhere a month or so ago, but, was the "TMZ" photo of an intensely frail Steve Jobs determined to be a hoax? I sure hope so because the photo made it look like he would be very lucky to make it to the end of the year. http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/26/steve-...tion-ceo-sick/
Really? Why? You do realize there is much, much more to McAfee than the retail AV products, right? Those are just a drop in the proverbial bucket.
Enough of this "AT&T employees blah blah blah" crap. The vast majority of AT&T employees do NOT have vacations or the like affected by iPhone releases or anything else in the Mobility area.
I agree with you. However, Apple has been given a complete pass on this despite the fact that Apple defined the requirement for this "unlocked door." AT&T should have recognized this as a security vulnerability and worked with Apple to redefine how it worked, but they did not.
Shame on anyone who believes this "it's a bug" malarkey. Same as when Apple said "oops! we've been using the wrong code to display iphone signal strength." Bull.
New Posts  All Forums: