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Oh, they've already claimed that as well, pretending they're on the side of the consumer activists. Of course Sprint's real motivation for everything they have said and will say about the purchase is the negative effect it will have on their bottom line. Which is to be expected. To think otherwise is incredibly naive.
Really? How so? Seems there will still be plenty of competition. ATT is, and will remain, far from a monopoly.
Oh yeah, let's get those politicians more involved in the marketplace! That always works out well, doesn't it?
Add one more to the ever growing list of "enemies" for a supposed offense to Appledom.
Cave dweller!
Seriously, who doesn't "remember" the Campbell's Soup brand already? Cave dwellers?
So, you're the new Court Jester, huh?
Yes, AT&T should not have. However, the initial blame falls on Apple who defined the specs for that website and how it would function. Apple required it work that way. That said, AT&T should have caught the vulnerability created by Apple's design and work something else out.
Seriously? How does your wife feel about that? That's just way overboard IMHO.
Why is that? Had they offended Apple(ites) in some way recently?
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