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So . . . I'm confused. Whenever CR disses the iPhone they are deemed a rag, on the take, uncredible, etc. When they diss AT&T they are not a rag, on the take, nor uncredible. Am I missing something?
No. Repeating what many of us have been saying ever since the Verizon/iPhone rumors first began. Data use on the Verizon network pales in comparison. And, as many are so quick to point out, so do the number of Verizon android users compared to the AT&T iPhone. Sure, android phone sales have roughly equaled iPhone lately, but not all were Verizon bound and, more importantly, Apple has had a several year headstart on android. The current numbers of in-service phones on...
Thank you! Finally something to contrast against the tortured Apple is always right drivel in this thread.
Exactly. And one reason why the majority of first-year Verizon iPhone4 buyers will be current Verizon customers.
I visited for a week this last sumer. No issues. Zero. My 3G experience was fine in hotel or traveling the area, including a boat on the bay. My daughter has lived in SF proper for the last year or so, she calls home daily from her cell phone, never a dropped call. Quit with the hyperbole.
That pretty much makes you an asshole then.
Did you intend to say "Verizon FiOS is, to me, of use not just because . . ."?
Gawd, another "it sucks for me so it sucks for everyone" post.
Where do you see that?
Disappointed. Airplay not supported with 1st gen ATV, even with 2nd gen you can't play video from your camera roll. Print functionality only works with 6 relatively obscure printers. Ugh. Oh, got new text messaging sounds. Yeehaw.
New Posts  All Forums: