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Indeed. And with Apple's absurd profit margins it wouldn't kill them to pay Americans a fair wage to build Apple products. It's not like they have to do that to compete with lower cost goods. I'm really surprised Apple is treated with kid gloves on this whole "build in China" thing. Seems greed is good for Apple, but not anywhere else in the US. The goodwill Apple would receive by brining home jobs would be substantial. It's overdue.
Rah! Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Goooooooo Steve! Sorry, had a high school flashback prompted by that post.
That was so obvious to me last night. I watched an episode of SGU via a purchase on my 1st gen ATV that I had missed recording, then followed immediately with the next episode from my DVR. The difference in pic quality wasn't even close. The Apple "HD" version was pathetic in comparison. 1080p, please.
Exactly. Yet another example of Apple actually limiting choice on their products. Blu-ray? You don't need it, whatever you may actually think! Cue the painfully silly defensive responses . . .
Responding. Again and again. Seriously?
Here we go again. "It isn't happening to me so it's not the issue." There's a big world out there. Suggest you climb out of your hole.
How about neither? I expect AT&T is simply holding back for a bit on allowing that functionality for bandwidth reasons. Just as they did with other potential bandwidth suckers like tethering and MMS. It will be enabled eventually, though I'm hoping Facetime via 3g isn't degraded too badly.
Huh? Motorola was in the cellular phone business long before Apple was, well, hardly anything.
The Galleria Apple Store is ridiculously small, there's barely room for 20 people in there. I avoid that location and go to the West County store that must be what, 3 or 4 times larger? About time it was enlarged. Oh, and the Galleria Store is hardly an "anchor" at that mall, or at West County for that matter. Great business, sure, but that's not what brings the vast majority of shoppers to these locations.
Be prepared to be ignored or called a liar. Or blamed for using it wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: