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...and never submit updated versions with "bug fixes."
You aren't serious, are you?
Dumb pipes? You're an unmitigated idiot, pure and simple.
Let me restate what appears to lie just beneath your post (and the previous one as well). . . if the content providers don't agree to Apple's demands, including pricing . . . they are in denial and they are doomed. Nice.
The product is "built for you" and not so appealing to some others. Granted. But then calling others selfish (narrow view of hate, lol) for wanting something different or saying it wasn't "made for them" is, well, selfish.
See, that's what I don't get. All these people suggesting they'll be able to drop cable now? What about live TV (yes, I know about OTA), CNN, ESPN, sports channels, etc? You realize you'll be giving up all live TV that doesn't live OTA, right? And that some programming (from HBO, for example) is not made available immediately and sometimes not until the following season begins.
And then not be able to watch any live broadcasting on traditional "cable" channels? No sports channels, CNN, etc? If all you're interested is pre-recorded broadcasts, and from a more limited number of networks, go for it. Much too limiting for me.
Yup. I'm underwhelmed, despite going into this expecting little. The whistles and bells of this device are just not important at all to me. The old ATV is a much better device, frankly, I use it pretty much every day. Rentals? Bah. I'll keep my current TV programming sources, thanks.
Streaming Netflix is a "me too" feature. I already have two boxes that do that very well (plus an iPhone app), won't be a sales point for this new Apple box, at least for me.
New Posts  All Forums: