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Industrial designer here. Logo is too low. Apple would put it in the 1st 3rd of the display area. Design 101. Rule of 3rds.
http://www.genevalab.com/shop/wireless-dock-adapter For those looking for a wireless 30 pin adaptor, you can preorder one from Geneva Lab. It's small and works using Bluetooth.
Agreed. AI, you might want to update this article. These are simply release note from the 3rd party developers. Lot's of developers (myself included) are testing in iOS 5 and are not putting this stuff in pubic release notes yet. Moreover, as far as I know, there is no "test this stuff in iOS 5 beta or else" requirement. IMHO, iOS 5 b4 is still has some pretty nasty bugs.
Eh. As an industrial designer, I don't really think that's an excuse. A LOT of people are going to yank the cord. They shouldn't, but they will. It's convenient and 99.9% of the time the cord will be fine... so people will do it. As a designer you should design a solution that accounts for how your users will interact, for better or worse, with your product. Look at the cord on an iron. The plug is big and grippy to indicate "I'm supposed to be grabbed," but just in case...
IMHO, Apple's cord from the laptop to the adapter has been roughly the same since the yo-yo adapters. Moreover, Apple has had fraying problems ever since they started using smaller gauges and smaller cable jackets. Just look at the reviews in the Apple store. They've been crappy for years. The smaller gauges and cable jackets are easier to wrap and pack, which is nice. Wrapping a giant thick cable is a pain. However, they don't stand up to abuse as well as something...
Apple's attempts to address crappy stereoscopic viewing angles are interesting, but, holographic displays already do that, and stereo graphics will never be able to address ocular accommodation. In other words, you can't shift your focus between the foreground and background of an image. If you had to look at a stereo graphic display all day long you would likely have a splitting headache. Volumetric displays are the only real solution to this...
Thanks Apple.
Wow, that looks horribly cluttered and down right painful. Moreover, that picture is missing the window title bar, so it's going to be even thicker then the Windows ribbon. That ribbon (plus the menu bar, plus the dock, plus page rulers, plus scroll bars) will leave a pathetic amount of room to type.
I guess you guys have to pay your host somehow, but those Romney ads are really lame. Like "double Guantanamo" lame. I'd prefer the German porn ads.
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