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No it's not. A common law trademark predates Apple's soon-to-be registered trademark. If someone with equal money takes them to court, they'll loose.
They'll get it. It's hard to check common law trademarks, so registered trademarks are usually awarded until they're contested in court.
The term "multi-touch," as it has applied to products, research, and academia, dates back to the mid to early 80s. Search a journal database, or start browsing around on Bill Buxton's web site.
Trademarks do not have to be registered in the US. You can still take someone to court if you did not register a trademark. remember... there's ® but there's also ™
I'm sorry, but this is BS trademark abuse and it's probably going to get approved by idiots who don't know any better. As SpamSandwich noted the term "multi-touch" predates Apple use of it. It can, at the very least, be tracked back to Bill Buxton in the 80's. It may even go back to Myron Krueger. As someone who has been designing multi-touch products, well before the world was hypnotized by the iPhone, I find this immensely annoying. Hopefully someone like MS will...
OMG, free software, use teh red text! Use teh red tex!!!1! But seriously, the iPhone and AppleTV are first generation products that are going to have noticeable inadequacies. Apple had better provide updated software with expanded feature sets. This is exactly what they did with OS X and the iPod when they were new.
Good post. Now, Apple Insider, how about updating that story on the home page?
hehe. Well, unfortunately being a grown up usually means you need to pay for pesky things like a car, home, insurance, heathcare, food, cloths, furniture, utilities, teh internet, etc. That said, being a grown up also means you can spend money on things that are a LOT more entertaining the a stupid phone.
In my humble opinion this survey forgot to look at parents, who are often the people who have to pay the bill. I wonder how many parents are willing to fund a $500+ phone PLUS a data plan.
"motion picture flicks" Hopefully they can also get "movie films," and other forms of redundant theatrical entertainment.
New Posts  All Forums: