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I'm fairly certain this is what Roxio will unbox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dmVU08zVpA
pom-pom holsters?Someone sure went to a militant highschool.
So, Apple announced a transition to Intel hardware, and PPC notebook sales slow to a crawl. Then Intel hardware is released and Apple's notebook sales jump. My mind has thus been blown. Quick, upgrade the stock! :/
"Gin Blossoms to rock..." Oddly enough, I think this phrase can be found in Webster's under "oxymoron."
Worst browser ever made? You're kidding right? IE 5 was fantastic when it first came out. At the time it was one of the best browsers to grace a consumer OS. It rendered pages beautifully, was quick, and showcased a number of interface elements that have been adopted by most major browsers. Moreover features like it's download manager have really yet to be rivaled... although Mozilla took a stab at it. The problem is, Microsoft let it rot and die. They didn't update it,...
However, UI changes like this bring up the question of "why hasn't Apple given OS X native support for system themes?" Apple likes to stay on top of style, and in order to do this they are going to have to revise Aqua every year since Aqua is not a neutral UI. For the sake of end usersm I think such frequent UI revisions demand the assistance of a theme manager.
Hum, they really don't bug me that much. I'd much rather see menu opacity options or window boarders added to OS X. Ribbed scroll bars really don't hurt usability that much.
[quote]Originally posted by rogue27: The thing about the whiners is that they don't know enough about how it all works to know any better, so they just accuse apple of being greedy. They also don't know enough to understand how complex and brilliant it is of Apple to have done this.
Actually, QE really is not complex and or brilliant. As a matter of fact, QE is incredibly rudimentary. Apple has, more ot less, placed the quartz...
Synthmonkey, next time get a watch and start up some filters. Do some real benchmarks. But yes, OS X is slow. We all know that.
[quote]Originally posted by Gambit: Well, I think 90% of all OS 9 users who complain about X say X sucks because it's different and they don't want to learn a new system. What I think you should do is rethink the way you approach OS X. I think you should learn that in order to defeat your enemy, you should get to know them first. That way, you might actually appreciate all X has to offer, both good and bad. I think I'm done.
ehh, I...
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