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It's proof that no one goes into a Samsung store.As an aside, these busses have been breaking down fairly regularly near my house. Wonder if I need to get in touch with local investigative officials.
no one lives forever.
well, that's one way to get their numbers up. i think i just saw an "android troll" tumbleweed blow across the bottom of my screen.
no. they just give them away like they do here.
haha! even more ludicrous after having seen the debate. the only things republicans are good for is lining their own pocketbooks. it's astounding to me that they're touting themselves as the fiscally conservative party when they wouldn't conceive of running their private businesses like they run this government. democrats aren't much different. 
because it exists. imagine how much more you and those around you could accomplish—in a lifetime—if you didn't have to spend so much time of your workday being fearful and bigoted. those things just get in the way.
thats why I'm voting for Bernie sanders. Libertarian? I'm not so sure. How about more government focus as consumer advocate?
as opposed to a google or microsoft car? i'll put my money on apple.
 i'd say he's well on his way to a successful career as a washington d.c. politician. if they won't take him, there's more than ample opportunity here in sf.
I fell asleep mid-way into your 3rd sentence.
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