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Hahahahaha. I wanna see those numbers when this is over.
 maybe the ones you should be pissed at is our government officials that keep these loopholes open. if they're not being sued by any governments, they're probably staying within the law.apple can certainly afford to do this. the reason these loopholes exist are for all the other 1%'ers that have our lawmakers and other government officials in their pockets looking out for their best interests.
at&t colludes--intimately--with the nsa. just might be a consideration for some folks.
"There is a major flaw in our tax system that is enabling some of the biggest companies in the world to evade billions in tax that should be paid in Australia," said Senator Sam Dastyari​. they're paying what is allowed by law. if you're going to point the finger, point it at yourself. fix the fucking loopholes, assholes. that goes for the entire u.s. government, as well.
not worth getting riled up the copying. i'll reserve my joy when it's hacked.
on the crash cart and bleeding out.
and like everyone else (mostly), she didn't really understand the issue. and once again, she's in the spotlight. i'm guessing her 1837 album isn't all that.
i think, most importantly, apple is disruptive to those in power. they eliminate the middleman whose sole purpose was that of a bottom feeder who really didn't do a thing and got most of the profit. they're also gaining too much power on wall street. this is making a lot of enemies of those stuck in the old economies & business models. it didn't bother them when typographers were going out of business, but now that it's coming to the areas of music, medical, and...
you're right. however, supporting another poster's homophobic rant (from a previous thread) does put you in the homophobic camp. it also speaks to your lack of courage by not posting a homophobic rant of your own. when businesses cease treating heterosexual couples (especially those with children) as having more value than gay people, i'd say your comment above is correct. however, we have a very long way to go.
New Posts  All Forums: