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FUUUUUUUUCK! hate adobe for dragging their feet in killing this app already and other things.
 the article you reference is 3 years old, dated 02JUL12. got anything more recent?
sounds like high drama. simple. create incentive for artists to sign up for the initial 3-month trial. that incentive goes away afterwards.
FUUUUCK! looks like i'll be looking around for a different carrier.
 thankfully, the cops turn a blind eye when you smoke it here in sf. i'd like to think our police force has something better to do than bust people that smoke pot.
just to be clear, that's girls, not women.
how about creating a separate employee area (with changing area, lockers, restroom, etc) that is separate from the store. an entrance to the store with metal detector & security would settle this nicely. employees would be allowed in with their uniform (t-shirt & jeans) and nothing else, perhaps an i.d. i realize i'm in the minority here, but imo, people don't need their personal phones on them while working. if they need phones, the company should provide them.
 the pinebox boys (friends of mine) have their music on the iTunes store and they're not being represented by anyone but themselves. i have to assume they're making all the money outside of manufacturing costs, t-shirts, and apple's fees, but you couldn't get that with a label.if your music is good, there are plenty of ways to get it played out there. not only that, it will find a way.the pinebox boys play all over europe & the us. they do it for the love of it—not for...
it would be helpful if folks who made claims posted links. it just strengthens the case for those of us who are apple fans. this is the only thing i could find: http://www.theapplepips.com/altconf-barred-from-streaming-wwdc-keynote-developer-sessions-mac-blog/
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