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all this means is that those who have complained about the lack of larger screens all this time will be complaining about the price.
for ****'s sake, apple, just fix it! Pressing the option key while accessing the 'GO' menu works. Shortcut Shift+Command+h key also works. i'm okay with this.
i'd like to know how to shoot these annoying fucking things out of the sky. 
like primates @ the zoo.
fine with me.
more speculation. while apple cares about profit, it's not their #1 priority. enough with the fucking rumors and the fucking analysts!
and you still have that cable bill with 800 channels that are completely useless. for me (and other non-cable subscribers), this solves nothing.
 because the watch will get in the way.
he uses an android phone instead. 
sorry...apologies.   it's google. who really fucking cares?
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