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i almost feel sorry for them.
Finally! Someone who gets it. But everyone continues to bash Apple "for not paying the artists" and when they do pay the labels for 3 months, the bitch is, "they're not paying the artists enough..." (cue violin in the background).I'm saving your post and will be copying & pasting whenever I hear someone bitching about how Apple is destroying the music industry.
Not really. Until coming out ceases to be met with sarcasm, hate & anger from bigots, it will still be a struggle.Oh yeah, and congrats, Tim!
great. something else to disrupt my movie-going experience. i thought mobile phones were bad, but just recently sat next to someone wearing a watch.
i realized this as well, so installed el cap on the other devices and it's all syncing. if find it to be stable.
so...not really an apology, then.
sounds to me like it's a case of either laziness or intentionally using a compromised version of Xcode. how difficult is it to go to either the app store or apple developer website and download it?
 probably the most sane and least hateful & judgmental post here. apparently, most of these haters know the minds of these people. it says so much more about them and their outlook on the world than reality. your suggestion sounds like a perfectly rational start to a solution.
 during the bush era, it became clear the principles changed. especially that of impartiality. sadly, i agree with you. there is no transparency and they have become a tool of this government. they have failed in their principle to be impartial in their response to the horrible effects of hurricane catrina, among other things, and failed to take action when it was required in others.better to contribute to organizations that have complete transparency in their...
here's hoping apple has complete oversight over the design. the i3 looks like a pos.
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