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hey appleinsider. How about banning this fucking homophobe?
of those trashing the watch, i wonder how many have actually seen & used one. i happened to see one the other day—ss milanese 38mm. what a magnificent piece of art. amazing interface—just the timing of the transitions alone. it really is a quality piece of jewelry and well worth the money. if i had the money, would buy one just to keep time.
 please. hold your breath.
right. because the confederate flag stands for all that is good about america. /s
the only thing apple is testing is your limited point of view. if you're going to hold on to your out dated ideas, you'll soon be left behind.i think it's awesome. it's a human thing and this is only going to move this country forward. quite frankly, i've waited a lifetime for issues like this and racism to come to the forefront of america.
If true, why are independents being sent terms to negotiate or even approve and not through the labels? I find it hard to believe artists represented by labels are left to negotiate for themselves directly with companies like Apple. This makes no sense. If true, why have labels at all. I would think the labels, if they represent artists interests (and are responsible for paying them), would be the ones at the bargaining table. More money for them, slightly more for the...
How do artists (who are represented by labels) get paid? Do the labels require direct payment to artists? Or do these services pay the label, then the labels pay the artists? If, as I've read on this post, spotify doesn't pay the artists for the free tier memberships, do the artists get paid at all? And why aren't the artists raising a big stink about this? Why isn't this the big issue instead of apple's negotiations? Sounds to me the labels aren't stepping up and doing...
 so why aren't the labels being implicated in all of this. it's not like the negotiations were one-sided. furthermore, if labels pay their artists, why weren't they named at all in this pr debacle? apple isn't paying the artists .2 cents directly. the labels are.
FUUUUUUUUCK! hate adobe for dragging their feet in killing this app already and other things.
 the article you reference is 3 years old, dated 02JUL12. got anything more recent?
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