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i'm an early adopter. i tried the ps6 beta. this is the first time i'm not going to upgrade. video editing? really? it's simply not worth the cost.    features in search of a benefit.
currently reading steve jobs bio.   what a great opportunity for apple to innovate. they're at their best when backed into a corner. hopefully, that innovative spirit is still alive at apple.
this is how these parents teach their kids to 'take responsibility'? and the judge is an idiot too, for letting this proceed. what a joke.  
analyst=pissing in the wind
i'm with you on that, as well as everyone else who's deleting this app. too bad. it was kinda cool. i'm thinking piictu could be a good alternative.
which is why i use data locker just as added security. does data locker have flaws and security holes? maybe, but i don't lose sleep over it. i also use 1 password and used to—USED TO—store on dropbox, but stopped a few months ago. info is way too important. i'll wait until things are a bit more secure.
you've got options. knock yourself out.
ha! ha! funniest thing i've read all day—next to adam sandler and his razzies.
why not cast jennifer aniston, adam sander, vince vaughn and kevin james while you're at it? make it a veritable shit-storm of talent.
clearly, you have the inside scoop. troll.
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