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i was thinking, "man, the replies are going to be a fun read". sog35 (and those that are going back & forth with him/her). how disappointing. how boring.
i always get apple protection. i have a 2011 mbp 17" and it's worked perfectly fine.  i have to wonder why 3 people waited till their warranties were up in 2013 to file a class action lawsuit.   if i have even a pixel that is always on, i take it back. this happened with a monitor i purchased in 2010. i got it home and same problem. this happened once more and the third time a manager took the call, told me he would test the monitor himself and send the replacement out...
apple should repeatedly deny approval of the 'cc' app to their store.
this is interesting. the only thing i could find regarding samsung and knox and it happened in january: http://www.csoonline.com/article/2136990/application-security/samsung-says-knox-vulnerability-is-an-android-issue.html
gtat didn't have to sign—good or bad contract—they could have just said no. 
they (gtat) agreed to the terms. it's why they call it an agreement.they over-promised and seriously under-delivered. period.
yeah, christian bale is probably a good choice, but i'm far more excited about the prospect of the boyle/sorkin team. now that is going to make me want to watch the film.
oh boy, here come the tears.
what a bunch of crybabies. maybe people will start to take better care of their phones. i had a 4 and now have a 4s with a protective film on the screen + mophie case. still good as new.   i'm hoping to upgrade soon, but i'm dumbfounded as to why people have cracked screens. and, because the 4s is out of warranty, it cost me $79 for a new battery. not a bad deal considering what i've used the phone for.
both my updates (ip 4s & 2nd gen iPad download) have taken approx 7 minutes each. simple wi-fi, business account from sonic.net.   install, however, takes a bit more time. 
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