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i don't get anything nefarious or dodgy about apple's response at all. they're just doing a little pre-emptive pr—before the msm & trolls pick it up and make this about apple being the bad guy. apple's following the law if you have problems with that, change the law.
oh god! it looks like a fucking samsung.
i still can't get over the fact that people think their lives are so important that they feel the need to share everything.
all this means is that those who have complained about the lack of larger screens all this time will be complaining about the price.
for ****'s sake, apple, just fix it! Pressing the option key while accessing the 'GO' menu works. Shortcut Shift+Command+h key also works. i'm okay with this.
i'd like to know how to shoot these annoying fucking things out of the sky. 
like primates @ the zoo.
fine with me.
more speculation. while apple cares about profit, it's not their #1 priority. enough with the fucking rumors and the fucking analysts!
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