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sign me up!
can't wait.
cry me a river. you don't really have to buy a new computer, just fork out $25 for the upgrade. troll much? better yet, quit your whining and stay with lion.
when the path debacle arose, my first thought is that software companies should allow their users to 'opt-in' when they want to harvest information, rather than the opposite. this is awesome!
at&t has done NOTHING for years to reinforce their infrastructure. they've been completely complacent in reaping in the profits while providing sub-standard service. then, they tell everyone they're upgrading their infrastructure. rather than actually upgrade their existing infrastructure, they decide to purchase t-mobile. fuckers. glad they dropped their bid. and, finally, the feds actually did something right.
thank god apple's only concern is improving on their product. historically, they have seen themselves as their only competitor. it's served them well and will continue to do so. i have no doubt apple will do just fine.
...and then file a class-action lawsuit against apple for...something
you forgot apples competitors (wankers) who are failing miserably, whose only means of 'competing' is to pay trolls in an attempt to tarnish the apple name, hoping to drive down the share price. that would happen with other companies, but i think apple is a pretty ethical company with a very strong foundation and a solid product. they'll be around long after these companies are gone and forgotten.
ha! in other news...google axes seven products today. in previous news, android malware development on the rise. gotta love that 'open source', altruistic google.
he only contributes to the oppression of people (organized religion) and his pockets. perhaps he should stick to what he does best.
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