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and not one person from wall street was tried and/or served time in jail for the crash several years ago. shows you where the priorities are in this country.
smells like desperation (bullshit).
the agency working for microsoft has put their c-team on the account and is laughing all the way to the bank.
the wsj & nyt are fucking jokes and have no credibility. they lost it in 2000 when they chose fear over truth.
that will never happen—not unless, in an alternate universe, ballmer becomes CEO.
Microsoft: Products & Software made by engineers for engineers.
the biggest (and most obvious) flaw IMO is the fact that you have to torque your wrist in an unnatural position to read anything. makes sense that apple would stick to the basic idea of a traditional watch.
this isn't about government control. it's about government doing the bidding of corporations, knowing that on its own, the citizens of this country would never allow to happen.
msft is fucking AWESOME!
yeah...imagine that.
New Posts  All Forums: