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nobody cares. wait. only the trolls on this site do.
i have to disagree. if i find something that belongs to someone--like their phone--i'd try to return it to them, not attempt to sell it to a 'news' site for several grand. the act of selling it alone tells you either this guy knew exactly what he had or he has a really screwed up sense of the difference between right and wrong. if i couldn't get a hold of the owner, i would have left it at the bar. hell, even if apple support didn't want it, i would have packaged the thing...
innovate. innovate. innovate.
could someone please explain why it's taken so long for adobe to go 64-bit? haven't they had about 10 years? it's a bit underwhelming that in the time they've had, only photoshop is 64-bit and nothing else from the design suite.
they're already there. those that aren't (of the people currently there) will be soon (soccer moms).
i think it would be better if just the word 'hurt' was printed on the bag.
i have had a love-hate relationship with adobe throughout the years. but realistically though, they won't be going away soon. if adobe would just put their d*cks back in their pants admit they've been resting on their laurels and say to apple, 'hey guys, we want to be at the forefront in software innovation and we'd like your help in getting us there because you guys are writing the book on forward thinking...' they could be a kick-ass company. probably won't...
currently, when i import text from photoshop files to flash, either as editable text or vectors or even bitmaps, flash screws with the formatting. and the existing type options simply don't work. i downloaded their 'text layout' extension (beta) from adobe labs and, almost immediately, stopped using it. it was ridiculously counter-intuitive (even for a beta). i'm stumped. for the life of me, i can't figure out why they can't port the type engine/interface from photoshop...
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