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what crap apps have you paid for and want a refund? could you provide a list? forgive my suspicion, but you almost sound like a troll.
wow. such a narrow view. i actually know a lot of 'righties' that have iphones. apple will survive this.
of course they do—or they should. i'm sure it's one of apple's competitors who are nudging their pocket politicians into creating more bad press for apple. why isn't congress looking into the privacy policies of facebook and google?
i won't see the karate kid movie 'cause it's lame.
totally agree! i won't even put windows on my mac pro because of the hassle of just installing.
glad you did, too. that's one less cry baby we have to worry about.
no kidding! i spent half a day with a friends laptop (using parallels) trying to download a windows xp (that she purchased a week ago). it crashed, then i got stuck in a loop with windows launching, but then not being able to find a 'winserv' driver. i spent an additional 4 hours just trying to reinstall the operating system—to no avail. i finally just removed everything and gave her back her laptop. she had a friend who was going to help her out with a tower he was giving...
great! i don't want a phone that looks like the tokyo skyline.
check your batteries or your connection.
sadly, you are mistaken about html5. i agree with you about adobe and 64-bit. should have happened with cs4, probably won't happen until cs8 or 9. my beef with flash is that adobe's own product, flash plug-in, doesn't even work—consistently— using their own product to produce content.
New Posts  All Forums: