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not true. just take the student with you when you go to the bookstore. they just need their student i.d. i suppose it wouldn't hurt to bring their class schedule, but that's really all there is to it. hell, i know a woman who is an employee of the u.c. system (the hospital) and she even gets discounts in the u.c. bookstore. don't think it's that difficult. bottom line: how much is it worth to you to get the software at a decent price.
just find a student and ask them to use their i.d. and get the entire bundle for around $500 from their school bookstore. i did this years ago when i was in school. of course, now i have to pay around $500+ for the design suite upgrade, but it's still better than paying over a grand for it.
putting lipstick on a pig. sadly (and not unlike microsoft), at&t is only interested in their image and profits—how cheaply can they get services to a customer for the most amount of money. here's a concept: fix your infrastructure. become an innovator and not just a company that is perfectly content to sit on its laurels. it's too bad steve jobs couldn't take the helm of at&t for a few years and seriously kick some ass.
wow. really? either you're lazy or you have some lazy-ass kids—or, gee, maybe they're simply too young to be dealing with the technology. seriously. if it's this difficult to control your kids, do us all a favor and think twice about having them.
i agree. what a bunch of crybabies. this sounds like the old 'copy/paste' whine. imagine if apple put out copy/paste feature before they perfected it for their hard/software. the trolls would be all over the shit. if the ipad isn't your ideal piece of technology right now, don't buy it and stop whining. i think it's an amazing piece of technology. and, yes, because it's by apple. it probably runs beautifully so users can spend more time doing what was intended, rather than...
thank you. you took the words right out of my mouth.
30'? wow. that's a big-ass monitor. i want one.
quick, tear the fucker down! these preservationists are all a bunch of old blue-haired ladies that can't live their lives unless there is a law that tells them what they can and can't do. they spend their lives trying to force people to live the way they do by creating even more laws.
no. it says the service costs $99.00. you don't know what apple is paying for labor. furthermore, you don't really even know why they're asking people to send the unit in. maybe they're looking to see if anyone has tinkered with it.
says nothing about how much the hardware is worth.
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