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did mactripper (teckstud) take the day off?
i remember working for an agency that was helping to launch their first digital camera. kodak was so reluctant to enter into the digital market--even when numbers were showing their traditional film market was taking a nose dive. it was all the old farts at the helm. now, their using carl zeiss lenses for all their optics. does kodak really have all this technology or do they simply have a huge portfolio that they're hoping to cash in on because they didn't have the...
at what point do you, after purchasing a product, take responsibility for getting it to your front door? the tenderloin is about 3 or 4 blocks away--and these are big city blocks. there are plenty of options for getting your purchased mac things home, completely bypassing the tenderloin. one of those being that the apple store will bring your purchased item to your car in front of the store. if you go shopping afterwards, leaving your brand new computer in your car (like...
can't wait!
i'm surprised not to see anyone asking adobe to fix flash. granted, this is appleinsider, but i think it's presumptuous to blame apple for flash's woes. also, 'snowtard' sounds to me like teck stud (mactripper).
is gil amelio at the helm of at&t?
that's a real deal breaker for me. (just kidding.)
actually, you do need apple for your mac. otherwise, it's called a pc.
uh...you need it to run windows on your mac. maybe.
...and that would be perfectly fine with me. i was thinking around $899-higher. those of you who think this price range would kill this rumored product are, i believe, sadly mistaken. there are many folks out there just waiting to put down a grand for one of these machines. i would. i never bought an iphone, but i'd buy one of these.
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