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somehow steve ballmer cashing in his stocks isn't as exciting as steve jobs cashing in his.
another band-aid from this company. once again, they're scrambling to hold on to the customers they already have, rather than fix the real problem—their infrastructure. if they had put some of their profits back into their company, they wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. what a bunch of dinosaurs.
"...It's really like a full-function PC, it runs Windows..." that's all i need to know. bring on the iPad.
i'd like to know when apple is going to put the 'track pad' to the right (i'm right-handed—or to the left) of the keyboard. i've used a wacom for years. whenever i use a laptop, it's completely counter-intuitive. when i'm on the laptop, my right hand doesn't naturally gravitate toward the middle, and i always struggle with the trackpad movements. it seems about time that apple considered this. any thoughts?
right you are. if apple is to partner with any large chain, they should have gone with peets.
this is quite possibly the singular, most hilarious post i've read on ai. putting stone wheels on your mercedes.
7 phones? really? sounds more like a desperate last attempt.
too bad there isn't any good music or talent out there. this is the real reason why there are no sales.
you're correct. dell will push the price of apple's other competitor's products down. the ipad is a huge success for apple. why should they lower their price?furthermore, dell doesn't offer the whole 'experience'. they built the thing and are perfectly happy to field calls for failing hardware, but the consumer has to go to android support for bugs, and other software problems.while i don't think it will be a complete failure, it won't push dell much further in the market....
New Posts  All Forums: